TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS by Sejal Badani

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There’s an often heard maxim, “we’re as sick as our secrets.” Sejal Badani’s novel, TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS is all about one family’s attempt to let go of the burden and shame of their secrets.

When the patriarch of an Indian family now living in America falls into a coma, its culturally expected that his three daughters will be there to support their mother. All horrors performed by their dying father and husband are to remain unspoken, but the longer he remains silent in the coma, the louder the burden of each daughter’s story of shame grows.

Sonya is a successful photographer who left many years ago when she was twenty-one, but she can’t turn her back on her mother. Her sister, Trisha has gone full steam creating the perfect suburban life for her CEO husband. And Marin is a Silicon Valley-MBA raising a tiger family, who are ready to rebel.

Each family member has their own pressure and stress that they’re dealing with, in addition to the uncertainty of whether or not Grandpa Brent will live or die. Suddenly the family is brought together, forced to look at their individual buried secrets, the unspoken undercurrents and shame which have been silently simmering for years. Each sister knows the other’s secrets, even mom knows and has stayed silent; finally all the participants are together because of the one person who created their pain.

TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS is a story of survival and a liberating celebration of speaking out and owning one’s truth.

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Sejal Badani_120dpiAbout Sejal Badani

Sejal Badani is a former attorney. She currently lives on the West Coast with her family and their two dogs.

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4 thoughts on “TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS by Sejal Badani

  1. Thank you for your wonderful review of a book that runs deep. I’m downloading this book on kindle NOw as the extra bonus is that it is offered for free through a kindle unlimited account!


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