THE LEGACY OF US by Kristin Contino & GIVEAWAY

paperback-legacy_large“My dear Lizzie, Wear this in good health and happiness. I trust you’ll know what to do with it! Keep shining brightly, and remember I love you always. xoxo Nan”

Liz Moretti is consumed with grief at the sudden death of her Nan, Ella when she discovers a cameo locket/necklace inside the desk left for her in Nan’s will. Liz thought she knew everything about her grandmother, but inside the locket is an inscription marriage proposal to her grandmother from a man different from her grandfather, and she’s also left a diary. Liz decides to find out the truth behind her family’s secrets.

At this point, author, Kristin Contino introduces us to three generations of women in THE LEGACY OF US (SparkPress)who change by love, loss and a little necklace over the course of the novel. Liz is the anchor character in this complicated novel about the relationships between Liz, her sisters, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She’s able to weave a compelling, complex tale of mother and daughter relationships from 1905 Italy to present-day Philadelphia. As Liz explores her family’s history, she also comes face to face with choosing between the life she thought she wanted and the possibilities of a much richer future.

THE LEGACY OF US is a wonderful story that’ll make you want to curl up with a cuppa yummy tea and delicious biscotti and read from beginning to end. I can tell you now, just plan a full day around this book; it’ll be a treat and then you can give it to your mother and girlfriends as the perfect gift. It’s actually great for Book Club.

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TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS by Sejal Badani

Trail of Broken Wings _300dpi

There’s an often heard maxim, “we’re as sick as our secrets.” Sejal Badani’s novel, TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS is all about one family’s attempt to let go of the burden and shame of their secrets.

When the patriarch of an Indian family now living in America falls into a coma, its culturally expected that his three daughters will be there to support their mother. All horrors performed by their dying father and husband are to remain unspoken, but the longer he remains silent in the coma, the louder the burden of each daughter’s story of shame grows.

Sonya is a successful photographer who left many years ago when she was twenty-one, but she can’t turn her back on her mother. Her sister, Trisha has gone full steam creating the perfect suburban life for her CEO husband. And Marin is a Silicon Valley-MBA raising a tiger family, who are ready to rebel.

Each family member has their own pressure and stress that they’re dealing with, in addition to the uncertainty of whether or not Grandpa Brent will live or die. Suddenly the family is brought together, forced to look at their individual buried secrets, the unspoken undercurrents and shame which have been silently simmering for years. Each sister knows the other’s secrets, even mom knows and has stayed silent; finally all the participants are together because of the one person who created their pain.

TRAIL of BROKEN WINGS is a story of survival and a liberating celebration of speaking out and owning one’s truth.

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Sejal Badani_120dpiAbout Sejal Badani

Sejal Badani is a former attorney. She currently lives on the West Coast with her family and their two dogs.

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For there to be a good sister, there must be a bad sister and in the case of Jamie Kain’s, novel THE GOOD SISTER (St.Martin’sGriffin) there are three sisters. Sarah Jade Kinsey is the oldest and she’s not only beautiful, smart and loved by all, she has cancer. Rachel Anne Kinsey, 18 is the middle one lost in the shuffle. Finally, there is Asha Nadine Kinsey, 15 who is the youngest and becomes Sarah’s bone marrow donor not once, but twice. So that leaves us to wonder, who is the good and not so good sister?
The Kinsey’s are a unique family living in Northern California’s Marin County. The parents, Lena and Ravi, former hippies offer no rules to live by, girls raised in a commune, they’re just drifting, holding on to one another for some kind of support. Sarah, the oldest believes she’s the protector but as the disease ravages her body, it slowly destroys the family. They’re shaped by the knowledge that someone within the unit is going to die.
When Sarah passes, it’s called an accident, but was it? She was hiking with her sister Rachel, who never hiked before. That’s when the secrets, mysteries, betrayals and even revenge begin to surface. I could feel grieving in the writing, while each character searched for their own truth. Ultimately, each one had to embrace what they stood for, searching through many questions, frequently coming up with too few answers.
THE GOOD SISTER is the first young adult novel Jamie Kain, has written. The YA genre is very popular right now, but I hope THE GOOD SISTER is marketed to a broader contemporary audience. I was drawn into reading her book because of the characters, the story as well as her writing, so I hope THE GOOD SISTER reaches as many readers as possible. It’s a wonderful novel.
Thanks to and St. Martin’s Griffin for providing a kindle copy for an honest review. Check out for all things JAMIE!