cindy50544910_scaled_153x230I’m an Emmy Award-Winning Broadcast journalist with over twenty-years in the television news business as an anchor/reporter/producer. My first novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised” is loosely based on my career in TV news and has been published to favorable reviews from KIRKUS and Amazon. It’s available on Amazon, BN and at various bookstores.

What you see and hear on the news from the anchors and reporters, while at home watching the television, is nothing as exciting and as shocking as what goes on behind the scenes.

I was an intern at CNN in NYC when they first started in 1985 before I landed my first job in Tyler, Texas as a reporter. After Texas, I went to KLAS(CBS), Las Vegas where I was a news producer. I moved on to WGGB(ABC) Springfield MA and then to WTNH(ABC) New Haven, CT where I won my first Emmy. I joined WSVN(FOX), Miami in 1991 as a senior producer. I was part of the team reformatting the local evening news/entertainment show, “7:30” which consistently beat “Entertainment Tonight” in the ratings. I returned to the front of the camera in 1995 at WPLG(ABC) as their Style Reporter. In addition, I have worked for Fox News Channel as a Features Reporter and the All News Channel as Weekend Anchor.

I currently live in Miami.

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      1. Cindy, I’m William A. Glass author of As Good As Can Be and I see you like historical fiction. My book is about a boy who grows up in a military family during the 1950s. For more information [please visit my website is https://williamaglass.com/. It would be great if you could review or spotlight it. Also a giveaway would be good! Best wishes! William

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  1. Dear Cindy: I was not sure where to leave this comment. I hope it is found and read here by you. I received MORNINGSTAR by ANN HOOD today– thanks to you. I swooned when I saw her autograph. Thank you again for making this happen.

    I read your bio above. I must mention I lived in Springfield, MA from 1984 – to 1991. (Law school, first years of marriage.) Were you working on air at that time? What an incredible coincidence!

    Be well!

    -Pamela Ross

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    1. Hi Pamela,
      So glad you received the book. Feel free to post a pic of you with the book on BluePointPress.
      I worked at WGGB-TV in 1988 when Kathie and Ray were anchoring. I produced the main newscasts in the evening. SO FUNNY!
      Be well, and have a great weekend.


  2. I HAVE stuck to my New Year’s resolution! It is more of a goal than a resolution., My goal this year is to finish a novel I started last year and see it on its way to publishing. I am about 37,000 words in, now. I write about 2,000 words per day from 4-5:30 a.m.

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  3. When my hubby and I were first dating, he gave me a stuffed Ewok because I had mentioned I always regretted getting rid of my childhood one.


  4. I learned a lot about Cuba from a recent book. It seems to be a country recovering from such heartache. I’m sure there are many more stories to be told!


  5. I never knew that The Devil Wears Prada was a book! The movie is one of my favorites and now that I know, I will be sure to read it! Would love to read this one, also!


  6. My rheumatologist freaks me out sometimes. It’s like she forgets what meds she has me on and is confused about what is going on with my situation. My area is limited in specialists. I just hope she doesn’t kill me.


  7. Stumbled on the blog after a post on Facebook for “Brooklyn Girls” I’m hooked! Look forward to future posts!


  8. Commenting on giveaway for The Nanny. I only know people who have had daytime babysitters as they had to go to work (including myself). Don’t think I’d actually like someone living in my home. I wouldn’t feel comfortable screaming when I had to lol!


  9. Cindy, I didn’t see place to enter THE OTHER MRS giveaway, so I’m writing to you here. I’ve read several of Mary Kubica’s book and love them all. I will say DON’T YOU CRY was especially good.


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