TRIPLE LOVE SCORE by Brandi Megan Granett & Giveaway



In the new rom-com, TRIPLE LOVE SCORE (Wyatt-MacKenzie), by Brandi Megan Granett, Miranda Shane leads a quiet existence. The most outrageous thing she’s done in her life is not become a lawyer like most of her family. She’s a poetry professor at a small New England college.

Her life is thrown into a bit of craziness, when this low-key professor starts using a Scrabble board instead of paper to write poetry. She creates a website, “Blocked Poet,” which becomes an Internet success with thousands of followers, and a company wanting to market her to the public (cha-ching)!

The big brother, older cousin, family friend, Scott that she hoped could be more, kissed her and then disappeared for six years has kind of shattered her hopes for romance. But Professor Shane doesn’t mind going against the rules, when it comes to dating her own graduate students. *Warning: Irish student named, Ronan with only one-month or so left on his student visa. Green card, perhaps?

Her carefully planned world is about to be completely implode – and not necessarily in a good way.

I loved the quick witty dialogue Brandi created between the characters. The story-lines took me in directions I didn’t expect, and I certainly enjoyed being refreshed about Scrabble. In fact, I predict TRIPLE LOVE SCORE brings Scrabble back into popularity, again. Yes, I know for millions of people, it’s never gone OUT OF popularity!


Brandi Megan Granett is an author, online English professor, and writing coach. She earned her Ph.D. in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University and her MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. When she’s not writing or teaching or mothering, you will find her on the archery range.

For all things BRANDI, check her out on Facebook, twitter @ brandigrannet and on her website

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THE WHISKEY SEA by Ann Howard Creel & Giveaway


 “Could love reawaken an almost-dead man and save two young lives? He wanted that now as he’d never wanted anything before.”


Time: 1920’s Prohibition in the black waters off New Jersey’s Sandy Hook peninsula:

In THE WHISKEY SEA (Lake Union Publishing) by Ann Howard Creel, Frieda’s five and her baby sister, Beatrice, or Bea as they called her, is nearly a year-old when their mother, Della Hope, the town whore dies. Everybody knew of Della and most of the men had relations with her, but no one wants to step up and take care of her little girls. But Silver, one of the local clammers has a change of heart and decides he isn’t going to let either one of those girls go the way of their mother. He’s going to do the right thing for the first time in his life.

Once Frieda graduates from high school, Silver expects her to go to secretary school and get married. She refuses both, expecting to take over his fishing business, not knowing he’s sold the boat to Sam Hicks, who Silver has picked out to be Frieda’s husband. Frieda doesn’t receive the news well, wanting to learn a trade and work on the sea. Sam reluctantly teaches her to become a boat engine mechanic. Soon Silver is sick and in need of a nurse and Bea is old enough for college, and a mechanics paycheck doesn’t cover the bills.

She finds out there’s lots of money to be made as a rumrunner, speeding into dangerous water transporting illegal liquor and one of the top boats needs a top mechanic. The job is hers if she’s up for the danger of rough seas, possibly being captured, sent to prison or even killed.

Well, Frieda doesn’t get killed as a rumrunner, but she meets Charles, a Princeton/Harvard boy who might as well … I’m not going to give the whole story away. This is a romantic story set in the 1920’s and love is love anytime you put two lovers together.

I fell in love with Ann Howard Creel’s writing previously in her novel, WHILE YOU WERE MINE, where in 1940s New York City, we met nurse Gwen Mulligan who cared for an abandoned baby for nearly a year, only to have the parents show up and want her back.

Ann is able to create the historical time and place so authentically and beautifully that you automatically fall into the era. I’ve come to fully appreciate her talent for writing fully developed characters that are able to do good, but are real and flawed, as well.

“I know you won’t believe this right now, and it might not ever be over, but it will get more bearable.”


I look forward to her next novel.
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About Ann Howard Creel


Ann Howard Creel was born in Austin, Texas, and worked as a registered nurse before becoming a full-time writer. She is the author of numerous children’s and young adult books as well as fiction for adults. Her children’s books have won several awards, and her novel THE MAGIC of ORDINARY DAYS was made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie for CBS. Creel currently lives and writes in Chicago. For more information about Ann’s work, check her out on facebook or visit her website

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THE HATING GAME by Sally Thorne & Giveaway


When it comes to romantic comedy, if the book is titled, THE HATING GAME (William Morrow), chances are the girl and guy are going to get together. But in the case of debut author Sally Thorne, you never expected it would be so much fun getting there. If you love chick-lit, Sally Thorne is an author you want to follow.

Lucy Hutton hates Joshua Templeman. He’s a self-absorbed, arrogant, know-it-all with a huge ego who doesn’t mind showing off his … pretty much everything. She’s got her own set of issues, and but she’s got to admit, he’s got a pretty cute bum.

They meet when their two publishing companies come together to merger into one. Lucy is assistant to the CEO of Gamin, home to literary purists. Josh, is a numbers cruncher to the CEO of Bexley. When the two companies start merging, Lucy and Josh both have their eyes on what they expect will be one assistant to one CEO. At this point, it becomes the Hunger Games, all knives out as Lucy and Josh start their high-stakes winner-takes-all games war-games.

Author Sally Thorne is able to do something with THE HATING GAME, which is rarely accomplished by an author. She takes a cliché story  line and makes it fun and fresh! It’s still summer and THE HATING GAME defines the perfect beach or pool read! I suggest coupling with Pina Coladas.

On a side note: THE HATING GAME made me think back to one of my favorite television shows of the 1980’s – “Moonlighting” with Cybill Sheperd and Bruce Willis. They had this constant love-hate tension going going on that make you tune in. Plus it was Bruce Willis breakout role and he was gorgeous!

UNITED STATES – DECEMBER 10: MOONLIGHTING – Gallery – Season Five – 12/10/1988, Cybill Shepherd (Maddie), Bruce Willis (David) , (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images)

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Photo credit Katie Saarikko

About Sally Thorne

Sally Thorne lives in Canberra, Australia and spends her days writing funding submissions and drafting contracts (yawn!) so it’s not surprising that after hours she climbs into colorful fictional worlds of her own creation. Sally believes that romance readers are always searching for intensity in their next favorite book—and it isn’t always so easy to find. THE HATING GAME is her first novel.

Follow Sally on Facebook and Twitter.

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“I never thought a book could help with, you know, life.”

the book that matters most

Author, Ann Hood knows loss and grief well. She wrote about the passing of her five-year old daughter in 2002, in the non-fiction book, COMFORT: A JOURNEY THROUGH LOSS. Now Hood revisits those emotions in her novel, THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST (W.W.Norton).

After twenty-five years of marriage, Ava Turner’s husband, Jim abruptly leaves her for another woman. Ava is completely blind-sided, having thought, their marriage was stable and secure. Their two grown children live abroad, one troubled daughter, Maggie studies art in Europe and a son, Will researches gorillas in Africa.

Ava retreats from social activities and outings into her own private world, until at the urging of her best friend, Cate, she joins a book club to help fill “the empty hours.” Each member is asked to present the book that matters most to them. All chose classics, except for Ava who picks an out of print novel that helped her as a young girl, cope with her sister’s death and mother’s suicide. The group wants her to change her selection, but she makes a convincing argument to stick with her novel.

Each group member’s book opens Ava up a little bit, moving her toward the woman she needs to be. And in this way, THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST is itself a book that matters very much for those of us who read it. It is a novel that reaffirms the power of reading in our lives, in every moment, alone or in a book club and as an activity that connects us not only to the world we live in, but to each other.

Better strap yourself in if you’re going to read THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST. It tackles numerous difficult issues head on and at a rapid pace: drugs, suicide, divorce, dark memories, remorse, and Ann Hood has an amazingly subtle talent for bringing all loose ends together. Although there are dark themes in this novel, THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST is never without hope.


For all things ANN, check her out on Facebook, her website or at twitter @ annhood56

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LEARNING TO FALL by Anne Clermont & Giveaway


The relationship between a human being and a horse rarely just happens, it takes time. The owner needs to spend time feeding, grooming, talking and riding her horse. Equine research shows talking to your horse often in a conversational tone is most important. Studies have been done, showing horses have remained calm in traumatic situations because their owner remained calm and spoke in a peaceful voice.

Anne Clermont introduces us to the very unique and beautiful world of horses in her debut novel, LEARNING TO FALL (SparkPress). She takes us into the highly specialized world of hunter-jumper horse training, a spectacular equestrian sport that relies on the strength and technique of the trainer and rider.

Brynn Seymour has grown up on Redwood Grove Stables, thirty-acres of picturesque hills and valleys forty-five minutes north of San Francisco. She has completed nearly four years of veterinary school, and wants to become a doctor, but her father’s dream is for her to take over the family business. She works at the barn and assists her father and his workers on the hunter-jumper circuit when not in school.

With only months left to graduation, tragedy strikes on the way to a show leaving her father dead and Brynn feeling responsible. Brynn and her mother meet with the family accountant and learn they are broke, that her father has taken out multiple mortgages and they’re close to losing Redwood Grove Stables.

After the initial shock, Brynn’s picks herself up and designs a plan she thinks could save the family business, but she’s going to have to let go of control and rely on others who know more than she does. Brynn’s going to have to trust people who want to help her and she’s going to have to completely change. Enter: Jason Lander, two-time, prestigious, Million Dollar Gold Cup winner, who if anyone can help her win the million-dollar cup, Jason can. That’s if her feelings don’t get in the way.

Anne Clermont writes in a lyrical style that has you feeling as if, while reading you’re riding across the hills and valleys. You can feel the wind going through your hair and know in your heart that Anne Clermont knows and loves the horses and the land she writes about. When a scene is happening in the stable, you are right there smelling the hay, manure and leather saddles. I look forward to a follow-up.


For all things ANNE, check her out on FB, twitter @anne_clermont or at her website     Plan on spending some time at her website. She offers a lot of useful information for writers.



We’re fortunate to have one copy of LEARNING TO FALL to giveaway. Just tell us about a special relationship you have or have had with an animal, be it a horse, dog or maybe a fish. We’ll pick a winner next week.

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Happy publication day to Anita Hughes for the publication of her new novel, SANTORINI SUNSETS. Her latest book takes readers to a destination wedding on the Greek Islands and the cuisine, couture, and of course the  location are all gorgeous – the way readers have come to expect an Anita Hughes novel.

Elizabeth G. is the lucky winner of our giveaway, so we’ll be getting a copy of SANTORINI SUNSETS out to her.


We also want to congratulate Cindy M. for winning a copy of THE RUNAWAY WIFE by Elizabeth Birkelund. Keep an eye out in the mail for your copy of THE RUNAWAY WIFE.


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