I’ve enjoyed several of Maddie Dawson’s five novels, so I was excited to read her sixth and latest, MATCH MAKING FOR BEGINNERS (LakeUnionPublishing).

Marnie MacGraw wants an ordinary life— complete with ordinary things like a husband, kids, and a minivan with a sliding door, all in the suburbs. But sometimes, things end up happening differently than you planned.

Now that Marnie is marrying the man of her dreams, she believes she’s going to get the whole suburban package. But she didn’t plan on being left at the altar, then marrying the guy and experiencing two weeks of utter hell.

Marnie meets her soon to be ex-hubbie’s great aunt, Blix at the wedding. Once she’s divorced, Blix goes and dies, but leaves Marnie her Brooklyn brownstone in her estate. Along with the brownstone comes a building full of unique characters all trying to find their way in life. But amongst, those lonely hearts, is one Blix knew was just perfect for Marnie.

And Blix was also right about some things Marnie must learn the hard way: love is not always easy to recognize, and the ones who push love away often are the ones who need it most.



Maddie’s words:

I grew up in the South, born into a family of outrageous storytellers—the kind of storytellers who would sit on the dock by the lake in the evening and claim that everything they say is THE absolute truth, like, stack-of-Bibles true. The more outlandish the story, the more it likely it was to be true. Or so they said.

You want examples? There was the story of my great great aunt who shot her husband dead, thinking he was a burglar; the alligator that almost ate Uncle Jake while he was waterskiing; the gay cousin who took his aunt to the prom, disguised in a bouffant French wig. (The aunt, not the cousin.) And then there was my mama, a blond-haired siren who, when I was seven, drove a married man so insane that he actually stole an Air Force plane one day and buzzed our house. (I think there might have been a court-martial ending to that story.)

And in between all these stories of crazy, over-the-top events, there was the hum of just daily, routine crazy: shotgun weddings, drunken funerals, stories of people’s affairs and love lives, their job losses, the things that made them laugh, the way they’d drink Jack Daniels and get drunk and foretell the future. There were ghosts and miracles and dead people coming back to life. You know, everyday stuff.

How could I turn into anything else but a writer?


Thanks to TLC Book Tours and Lake Union Publishing, we have two copies of MATCH MAKING FOR BEGINNERS. Just tell us if you were ever fixed up and how it went. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only, please.

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27 thoughts on “MATCH MAKING FOR BEGINNERS by Maddie Dawson & GIVEAWAY

  1. i was fixed up once & it went horribly. the guy did bring flowers, but then the “date” went downhill. he talked about himself & his ex incessantly & chewed his food with his mouth open. i was ready to leave as soon as the meal was done. i normally give someone a second chance but i didn’t with him. i was so glad i drive myself there.

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  2. My friend set me up on a blind date after my divorce at age 25. He was 34. He had never been married. We dated for 4 years. We have now been married for 18 years. I am thankful and grateful for him.

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  3. Way back in the olden days we used to be fixed up by friends who met boys and it was fun and interesting. I never did have a really bad experience and enjoyed meeting different people who were not to be taken seriously.

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  4. My friend from college hooked me up with her nephew. He made me drive so he could get so drunk and then invite himself to stay the night. I felt bad for leaving him at the gas station where he left his car but I wasn’t bring some random drunk guy home where I lived with my sister and my son. Needless to say there was no second date

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  5. Only fixed up in the high school way of, “He likes you, go talk to him.” Which never really works out. But family lore has it that my great-grandmother had 2 (or was it 3) husbands committed, so I do feel a little affinity with the author!

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  6. I already have the book, but I love this question. I was set up with a guy back in 2002 because we were both single, Jewish, and liked to bowl. The guy setting us up knew nothing else about me or what I was looking for in a mate. He nailed it though, and we’ve been married 14 years!

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  7. I was set up once, 21 years ago. We ended up getting married, with the guy who set us up being the best man at our wedding 🙂 We’ve been married over 18 years, and we go on vacation almost every summer with the guy who set us up and his family!

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  8. I was never set up, thank goodness, although I did get a date with my future husband through a friend nudging him to ask me out.

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  9. Yes I was fixed up once and he ended up being a con-artist an a liar. Luckily it was only one date. Guess I have good instincts!


  10. My cousin fixed me up with this amazing (insert sarcasm) fellow college student of hers (if he was so amazing, why didn’t she date him??). After much harassing (by her), I finally consented to go out with him. That is when she told me he didn’t have a car so I would have to drive the hour to the college to pick him up. (Insert – red flag! couldn’t he have asked another student to borrow a car?) Well, I did. Got to the college and he said he wanted to go to The Olive Garden (which was another hour away in a different direction). Once we were there, we were seated at a table where he just happened to know the (female) server. Coincidence?? I think not. He spent more time talking to her than to me. When we were finally done our painful meal, he suggested going to see a movie. I said no, I was tired. I drove him back to the college and then drove home. He never offered to pay for gas (although he did pay for supper). That was my first and last blind date.


  11. I was never fixed up on a date, but the book looks like an amazing read. Thanks for your generosity.


  12. I had 2 blind dates. Both did not end the best…. First one didn’t make it past the first date. The second blind date lasted about a month until I found he had a drinking problem. After that I told my friends I find my own dates lol


  13. I have been thinking this novel sounds delightful! –No, I have never been fixed up. Thank goodness?


  14. Thank God I have never been setup. I have heard a lot of horror stories from my friends though. Thank you for the chance. This sounds like a really good book.


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