“Every Honeymoon comes to an end, romance segueing into marriage. I should know. This is my fourth.” A SIN SUCH AS THIS

Author, Ellen Hopkins follows up her bestseller, LOVE LIES BENEATH with the sequel, A SIN SUCH AS THIS (Atria). Tara thought her marriage to Dr. Calvin Lattimore was the charm. Little did she know you can only outrun your secrets for so long. She was willing to overlook his gambling habits, until she discovers his secret meetings with Sophia, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend and his son, Eli’s occasional girlfriend.

In a matter of weeks, Tara has reluctantly gone from rich, single San Francisco professional to Lake Tahoe housewife managing her niece’s whiplash moods, while resisting her stepson’s tantalizing sexual advances. Adding to the family drama is her younger sister, Melody, who’s having a serious marital breakdown, which means she might know something about her husband Graham and Tara’s brief dalliance years ago. Certain people arrive from her past and she can’t help but believe she’s being watched.

I didn’t read the bestselling WHAT LIES BENEATH which introduces Tara, but I appreciate Ellen Hopkins’ ability to juggle many plot-lines at once. Personally, I needed to keep notes. I keep thinking I’m getting too old for some of these mystery thrillers. But then again, A SIN SUCH AS THIS is worth the work it takes to enjoy a really complex story.

We got the opportunity to ask Ellen Hopkins some questions and she was gracious enough to answer.

Q & A

1. LOVE LIES BENEATH was such a success. What make you think Tara Lattimore’s was strong enough for a sequel?

Tara is one of those fascinating characters who walks onto the page pretty much fully formed. Which is not to say understood. And she is so unlike me, I wanted to understand her more, to delve into her disturbed psyche. Plus, it’s fun to twist a plot twist.

2. You’ve written thirteen young adult novels, as well as several adult. I’m just wondering what made you switch from YA?

It was actually my YA publisher who said I should write adult. I think he enjoyed the more mature YA scenes I crafted and want to see me push the envelope. Adult gives me a few more options and less need to self-censor, though I rarely do that on the YA side. But adult is more reflective, and as I age, reflection is a good thing, so it must be for my characters, too.

3. What is your writing process? Are you a plotter? Does character lead the story?

Plotters are architects. I am a gardener. My pre-write is all character building, understanding why they are who they are. Then I let them talk to me, tell me their stories. I plant the seeds. They make them flower.

4. What contemporary writers do you admire and why?

I like Jodi Picoult because she isn’t afraid to explore the darker side of human nature, in a totally real way. Also Anne Lamott, especially her nonfiction work. Traveling Mercies is brilliant.
5. What’s next on your plate?
In the YA side, People Kill People, which addresses gun violence, releases in September, and I’m currently writing a near future look at what this country could very well become if it continues down its current path. On the adult side, I’ve got something really fun and really, really different for me in the works. More on that soon.

Thank you, Ellen.



Ellen Hopkins is a poet, freelance writer, and the award-winning author of twenty nonfiction titles, three novels for adults, and thirteen NY Times Bestselling novels-in-verse. She has published hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from aviation to child abuse to wine-growing. Ellen is a regular speaker at schools, book festivals and writers conferences across the US, and now throughout the world.


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Thanks to TLC Book Tours and ATRIA, we have one copy of A SIN SUCH AS THIS to giveaway. Just tell us your favorite mystery.

We’ll choose a winner soon. Good luck!


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22 thoughts on “A SIN SUCH AS THIS by Ellen Hopkins – GIVEAWAY & INTERVIEW

  1. The most intriguing real life mystery is the disappearance of a girl named Margaret. She was a young single mother in her twenties. She was in the middle of a custody battle with her ex husband. She was working the evening shift at the hospital and was never seen again. Her car was never found either. I have known her for many years. I still think about her today. My favorite mystery book is The Girl on the Train.

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  2. I’m not sure I have a favorite mystery. Agatha Christie novels will always be special since I was a young adult. Louise Penny, Mary Kubica, Laurie K. Russell, Catherine McKenzie, Karen Cleveland, the list grows as I read. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really liked the book The Girl on the Train.
    There was mystery in an old neighborhood I lived in. It was in Arkansas. A wife was stabbed to death. Her husband was thought to have done it , but it was never proven. It happened on their 1st wedding anniversary.

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  4. My favorite is Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia. I am looking forward to her new book Leave No Trace.


  5. To pick just one mystery is so hard!!! I grew up on Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and then moved into Sherlock Holmes. The Wife Between Us was really good, I am currently absorbed in Murder at Ochre Court. Give me twists, turns, suspense and great characters and I am hooked!


  6. One of my very first mysteries was Mary Higgins Clark’s “Where Are the Children”. That one sticks out to me for some reason…


  7. I like Chevy Stevens books, Baby Teeth is good tho I am still trying to figure it out. To many to pick just one favorite.


  8. What a tough question! Naming only one is virtually impossible, although I loved The Woman In The Window! I grew up reading Nancy Drew books, so I was spoiled at a young age. Thank you for this chance.


  9. As a kid I loved all the Nancy Drew mysteries. I still have the books which I should reread!


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