Small town America, struggling with compromise.

Place and home are just a couple of the topics explored in Kate Brandes’ novel, THE PROMISE of PIERSON ORCHARD (Wyatt-MacKenziePublishing). Everyday people are already dealing with complex lives before fracking comes to the small community of Minden, Pennsylvania and the townspeople stand to risk losing the land they love.

Cracks are already deep in the Pierson family, when after twenty years, brother Wade swoops into town hoping to make everyone rich off the land his brother Jack has been tending to for the past two decades. THE PROMISE of PIERSON ORCHARD alternates between the points of views of  the two brothers and LeeAnn, Jack’s wife who recently left him, and now Wade shows interest. Boundaries are constantly being pushed to the breaking point.

Kate Brandes’s writing is subtle, but clear and fast paced in juxtaposition to the patterns of a small town. Jack, LeeAnn, Wade and Green Energy, as well as the arrival of the brother’s estranged environmental lawyer mother, growing conflict eventually comes to a point of finality, and a resolution where nobody is really a winner.

Brandes’ tackles issues of “abandonment, identity, loneliness, love, personal choice” – so many, only a talented writer like Brandes could successfully navigate the landscape of THE PROMISE of PIERSON ORCHARD. I enjoyed being out in the orchard with Jack and LeeAnn. I had no idea what complexities go into being a orchardist … and the huge amount of work.

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About Kate Brandes

An environmental scientist with 20 years of experience, Kate Brandes is also a watercolor painter and a writer of women’s fiction with an environmental bent. Her short stories have been published in The Binnacle, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Grey Sparrow Journal. Kate is a member of the Arts Community of Easton (ACE), the Lehigh Art Alliance, Artsbridge, the Pennwriters, and the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. Kate lives in a small town along the Delaware River with her husband, David, and their two sons. When she’s not working, she’s outside on the river or chasing wild flowers.

Connect with Kate

Website | Facebook | Twitter

On Kate’s website, you’ll find suggested questions for book clubs. Kate believes, “there are parallels between nature, painting, and writing.” She shares some of her beautiful original pieces on her website.

Kate’s Artwork

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Tulips are popping up … Daffodils are blooming … Love is in the air …. and HARLEQUIN is releasing FOUR new novels to heat up readers who love their romance HOT!

slow burn clowboy

MAISEY YATES,’ SLOW BURNING COWBOY hits bookstores today …

In Copper Ridge, Oregon, a cowboy’s best friend might turn out to be the woman of his dreams… 

If Finn Donnelly makes a plan, he sticks to it. After his brothers left Copper Ridge, Finn stayed behind, determined to keep their ranch going by himself. And when he realized his feelings for Lane Jensen were more than platonic, he shoved that inconvenient desire away. It was easy, until it wasn’t. Suddenly his brothers are coming home to claim their share of the property. And Lane is no longer just in his fantasies. She’s in his arms, and their friendship is on the line.

He’s been her buddy, her handyman, her rock. But until that one breathtaking kiss, Lane somehow overlooked the most important thing about Finn Donnelly—he’s all man. They’re right together, no matter how much his volatile past has bruised him. Finn wants to hold Lane’s body, but he doesn’t want to hold her heart. But Lane is falling fast and now she’s got a plan of her own…to show Finn there’s nothing hotter than friendship turned to slow-burning love.

Also includes a bonus Copper Ridge novel, TAKE ME , COWBOY!



BRENDA JACKSON’S, SEIZED BY SEDUCTION will be published April 25th …  and

One glance is all it takes … Private security just got a whole lot more personal.

From the moment his eyes meet hers across the crime-scene tape, ex-con turned bodyguard Quasar Patterson knows he has to see the mysterious Dr. Randi Fuller again. She’s a renowned psychic investigator who can foresee danger for others, but not for herself. That makes Quasar doubly determined to watch over her—the closer, the better—as she’s drawn into a dangerous gang rivalry.

Both her psychic gift and their blinding chemistry tell Randi that she and Quasar are fated to be entwined. Even as they surrender to the heat between them, there’s no guarantee of a happily-ever-after now that an enemy has her in his sights. And claiming a future will take more than Quasar’s strength and skill. If he can’t risk the heart he’s always held in check, they’ll both lose for good…



JULIA LONDON’S, HARD-HEARTED HIGHLANDER will be published April 25th and

An indomitable governess…a brooding Highlander…a forbidden affair… 

An ill-fated elopement cost English-born governess Bernadette Holly her reputation, her unsuitable lover and any chance of a future match. She has nothing left to fear—not even the bitter, dangerously handsome Scot due to marry her young charge. Naive wallflower Avaline is terrified to wed Rabbie Mackenzie, but if he sends her home, she will be ruined. Bernadette’s solution: convince Rabbie to get Avaline to cry off…while ignoring her own traitorous attraction to him.

A forced engagement to an Englishwoman is a hard pill for any Scot to swallow. It’s even worse when the fiancée in question is a delicate, foolish young miss—unlike her spirited, quick-witted governess. Sparring with Bernadette brings passion and light back to Rabbie’s life after the failed Jacobite uprising. His clan’s future depends upon his match to another, but how can any Highlander forsake a love that stirs his heart and soul?



MARTA PERRY, ECHO of DANGER will be published April 25th and

In peaceful Pennsylvania Dutch country, a young mother discovers a shocking danger—and an unexpected ally 

A whisper of a threat looms over widow Deidre Morris. She and her young son have unwittingly become prisoners of her intimidating father-in-law’s power. One wrong step could find her son torn from her and in the hands of the influential judge. But when Deidre collides with an intriguing stranger, the prospect of a new friendship gives her renewed hope…until a devastating murder rocks the quiet community of Echo Falls and Deidre learns first impressions can’t be trusted.

Attorney Jase Glassman’s assignment is straightforward: befriend Deidre, gather incriminating evidence…and allow her dogged father-in-law to take custody of her child. Anything else, including losing himself in her honest charm, will compromise the job he was hired to do. Yet when a murderer ushers danger into the town, Jase’s only instinct is to protect Deidre and her son—no matter the sacrifice.


Oooooh, I have chills! The good kind! We have one copy of SLOW BURN, COWBOY, SEIZED BY SEDUCTION, HARD-HEARTED HIGHLANDER and ECHO OF DANGER to giveaway to one lucky winner! Just tell us what you LOVE about HARLEQUIN novels. We’ll announce a winner Monday. Happy Spring!



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LORI F. wins Margaux Bergen’s, NAVIGATING LIFE


SALLY C. wins Lori-Rader-Day’s, THE DAY I DIED.



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A kiss is just a kiss. But for Jubilee Jenkins, a kiss nearly kills her. Does love have no boundaries….

Reading Colleen Oakley’s novel, CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH (Gallery Books), seemed to me as if I’d entered a fairytale, of sorts. I found myself lost in a world of with fictional maladies and sweet, romantic characters that were completely believable.

Jubilee Jenkins has a rare condition: she’s allergic to the human touch. After a nearly fatal accident, she becomes a recluse and never leaves her. But after her mother dies, Jubilee is cut off financially and forced to face the world and the people in it.

Jubilee finds safe haven at the local library where she gets a job. It’s there she meets Eric Keegan, a divorced man who has recently moved to town with his troubled, adopted son. Eric is struggling to figure out how to be the dad, and man he so desperately wants to be. Jubilee is unlike anyone he has ever met, yet he can’t understand why she keeps him at a distance. When he discovers the source of her fear, he’s determined to do everything possible to get closer.

Oakley creates a sense of wonder between Jubliee and Eric which some cynics might find contrived, but I found it as if fairy dust had been sprinkled over them. Both Jubilee and Eric deserved some happiness in their lives. That’s not a spoiler. Of course, it’s going to end happily-ever-after.

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About Colleen Oakley

Colleen Oakley is an Atlanta-based writer and author of the novel Before I Go. Her articles, essays, and interviews have been featured in The New York Times, Ladies’ Home Journal, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Redbook, Parade, and Martha Stewart Weddings. Before she was a freelance writer, Colleen was editor in chief of Women’s Health & Fitness and senior editor at Marie ClaireClose Enough to Touch is her second novel.

Connect with Colleen

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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“On the day I died, I took the new oars down to the lake.” THE DAY I DIED

Yes, I can say that first line kind of spooked me. It also gave me a good idea of what to expect when I read Lori Rader-Day’s, novel, THE DAY I DIED (WilliamMorrowPaperbacks). It had me buckle up and get ready for an e-ride of a suspense thriller that didn’t let up until I turned to the last page.

The author of PRETTY LITTLE THINGS is back with a gripping novel about a mother’s desperate search for a lost little boy. In THE DIE I DIED, Rader-Day tackles the issues of domestic violence, loneliness and dark, ugly secrets in a small-town smack in the middle of Midwest America.

Anna Winger has a gift to know people better than they know themselves with only a glance—at their handwriting. It’s ironic because she’s trying so hard to hide from herself and memories of a life of domestic violence, with her 13-year old son, Joshua. Hired out by companies wanting to land trustworthy employees and by the lovelorn hoping to find happiness, Anna likes to keep the real-life mess of other people at arm’s length and on paper. But when she is called to use her expertise on a note left behind at a murder scene in the small town she has spent years trying to avoid, and her son ends up getting involved with the wrong crowd, the crime gets under Anna’s skin and rips open her past for all to see.

Lori’s writing is tight and pithy. She kept me wanting to read more and quickly flipping through the pages. Her complex plot lines had me a bit exhausted at times. But, I can’t wait to read what Lori Rader-Day writes next. Forget a glass of wine, grab two fingers of bourbon, while reading THE DAY I DIED.

**Added Bonus: Lori provides a THE DAY I DIED playlist at the end of the novel.

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About Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day, author of THE BLACK HOUR and LITTLE PRETTY THINGS, is the recipient of the Simon & Schuster Mary Higgins Clark Award and the Anthony Award for Best First Novel. Lori’s short fiction has appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Time Out Chicago, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications. She lives in Chicago, where she teaches mystery writing at StoryStudio Chicago and serves as the president of the Mystery Writers of America Midwest Chapter.

Find out more about Lori at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


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And for those of you who celebrate Easter, I wish you a blessed Holiday.


NAVIGATING LIFE: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me by Margaux Bergen & GIVEAWAY


Margaux Bergen’s book, NAVIGATING LIFE: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me (Penguin Press), began as a way to prepare her oldest daughter, Charlotte for the real world. Ten years into the job, basically verbally flying off the seat of her pants, she picked up a pen and started writing down the “tools” Charlotte would need to engage in the world and flourish. It was to be a guide to life, started by a mother when her daughter was in elementary school and given on her first day of college.

“Originally I wrote this as an act of desperation,” she writes, “in response to a series of dramas that visited our family: addiction, illness, depression, job loss, and death. It was a rearguard action, an attempt to sort out on paper how to cope with life’s more extreme circumstances.”

Bergen’s aim as a mother is to raise kind, civilized, thoughtful, aware children. The goal of her book is to prepare her child for life, not to protect her from it. That includesliving is constantly learning, never underestimating the value of good conversation and considering one’s words carefully.

I immediately felt a kindred spirit to Bergen, when she shares, on an excursion to a bookstore with her daughter, she chose Lydia Davis’ collection of short stories, BREAK IT DOWN to purchase. I write that because it’s obvious Davis is an influence on Bergen’s writing. It’s pithy, straightforward, easy to read, but complex. Her thoughts are well-organized and anyone who reads, NAVIGATING LIFE will learn something. I certainly did. One may occasionally think they’re being lectured to, but that wasn’t my take. Bergen is divorced and still learning to navigate the single landscape. Research for her next book?

Margaux Bergen

Born in Paris and raised in London, educated at Edinburgh University and living in Washington D.C., Margaux is the mother of three millennials. She has spent her career working in international development and women’s leadership and has held senior communications positions at the World Bank, the United Way and Vital Voices. She believes words matter. And is still learning the extreme sport of raising three children.


Thanks to BookSparks we have one copy of NAVIGATING LIFE to giveaway. Just tell us one thing you wish your mother had told you, when you were a child. We’ll announce a winner Monday. Have a lovely sacred week, whichever Holiday you celebrate.





Love is in the air and no one does romance like Harlequin. The golden cowboy of Wrangler’s Creek returns home to Texas, in book two of Delores Fossen’s Wrangler Creek Series, NO GETTING OVER A COWBOY to discover some old flames never fizzle… 

There are plenty of things Garrett Granger hadn’t counted on losing—his child to miscarriage, his wife to another man and the family business thanks to a crooked CFO. He also hadn’t counted on moving back to the family ranch, where he’s met by another surprise—former flame Nicky Marlow, who is renting his grandmother’s old house.

Nicky’s been rebuilding her shattered life since her husband’s death two years ago. But Garrett’s timely arrival in Wrangler’s Creek doesn’t automatically make him the missing piece of the puzzle. Even if he does seem to adore her two-year-old daughter… Even if seeing him again stirs up old feelings Nicky would gladly keep buried, forcing her to wonder if moving forward has to mean leaving everything behind…

(summary, courtesy Harlequin)

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USA Today bestselling author, Delores Fossen, has sold over 70 novels with millions of copies of her books in print worldwide. She’s received the Booksellers’ Best Award, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award and was a finalist for the prestigious Rita ®. In addition, she’s had nearly a hundred short stories and articles published in national magazines.

Connect with Delores

Website | Facebook | Twitter

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