Jodi Thomas, Sharla Lovelace and Scarlett Dunn
  • Best-selling authors, Jodi Thomas, Sharla Lovelace and Scarlett Dunn share three novellas in a collection featuring three Texas cowboys in THE COWBOY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS(Kensington). The Civil War is over, Christmas is coming and its time for three rugged cowboys to hang up their spurs and settle down.
  • FATHER GOOSE by Jodi Thomas. Dispirited by war, when Trapper Morgan accepts a job hauling five little rich girls to Dallas, all he cares about is the money. He doesn’t expect they’ll awaken his spirit – or that their intriguing nursemaid, Carolina, will awaken his heart. And when danger strikes as Christmas Eve nears, he definitely doesn’t expect Carolina and the girls to risk their lives – for him.
  • THE MISTELTOE PROMISE by Sharla Lovelace. A catastrophic storm, an ailing herd and a falling ranch have left Texas rancher Josie Bancroft in danger of losing everything her father worked for. Still, she’d rather die than merge with her neighbor rancher Benjamin Mason, the man who broke her heart years ago, on Christmas Eve. As old sparks fly and secrets are revealed, however, Ben is determined to help Josie – and prove this time around can be different. That the misunderstanding of Christmas past need not define their future.
  • CHRISTMAS ROAD by Scarlett Dunn. Yellow Fever has hit Clint Mitchum’s hometown and taken this father and siblings, leaving Clint ever more cynical. Racing homeward to be at his mother’s side, Clint finds a note from her, asking that he help her caregiver, a young woman named Amelia. Assuming his mother has passed, in his grief Clint ventures out to search for Amelia – and finds the best of gifts – just in time for Christmas.
  • We’re lucky to have one copy of THE COWBOY WHO SAVED CHRISTMAS to giveaway. Just tell us your plans for the upcoming holidays. We’ll choose a winner soon. Good luck. GIVEAWAY: USA only please.
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  1. For Thanksgiving both my sons and their girlfriends will be coming and we will go to my In-Laws to celebrate. For Christmas both boys will be here for Christmas and again we will go to my In-laws. My father in law has dementia and my mother in law (both are in their 80’s) is trying to care for him with help from Aids that come in twice a day.


  2. My Husband snd I will be following the guidelines to stay home alone so that next year we will still be here!! We are so lucky to have each other and will celebrate together snd with our dog and 4 cats.


  3. Stay home with my mom and my dog. Have a Thanksgiving dinner already made from a restaurant. We don’t want to be around our family because of COVID.


  4. What a Great sounding book! Thank you for sharing about it. ❤ For Thanksgiving we will be going to our daughters house and have dinner there with her, our son in law and our grandaughter and our grandson, they live about 2 blocks away from us . Our son and his little family will not be coming, they live 6 hours away, we will be calling them on the phone though. For Christmas we will be having our daughter and her little family over for dinner and be calling our son and is little family for Christmas. It is Best to not be traveling during this silly pandemic , it is safer to stay home. We usually stay home during the holiday's though, we will miss our son and his little family, but it is for the best. Have a Great Thanksgiving and stay safe.


  5. I am cooking. My daughter is going to her boyfriends house in Massachusetts. We live in NJ. I will have myself, my son, my uncle, and ex husband for Thanksgiving. We will eat at 6pm, then watch Christmas movies


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