The danger isn’t all in your head . . .

In Peter Swanson’s third psychological thriller, HER EVERY FEAR (HarperCollins), Kate Priddy has survived a trauma experienced by few. She’s been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend at gunpoint, held captive in a tiny closet, until police finally rescue her after her ex blows his brains out. After months in a rehab center and being coddled by her family, she believes she’s ready to step out of her comfort zone just as her second cousin, Corbin Dell in Boston calls and suggests she apartment switch with her place in London. He says he has a job offer in London and six-months would be the perfect amount of time for each to get a feel for their new surroundings.

Well if Kate is looking for a calm place to tame her paranoia and learn to trust again, her second cousin’s ultra-plush Boston apartment is definitely the wrong choice. As soon as she arrives, her next door neighbor is found murdered, the police seem to be interested in the cousin she doesn’t know and want to search his apartment. When they leave, she takes a look and discovers some “interesting” items. After a few random conversations, she learns Corbin was in a romantic relationship with the victim and is a person of interest in the murder. Kate keeps thinking she’s on to something, but repeatedly blows it off to being jet-lagged. The danger Kate imagines, isn’t nearly as twisted as what’s about to happen when HER EVERY FEAR becomes very real.

I enjoyed how Peter Swanson chose to tell the story from various points of view. It created a solid base for the quick-paced thriller to flow. There were numerous well-developed plots, so I never felt as if I had the story figured out until the very end. I liked the characters, even the ones I wasn’t supposed to because they were so flushed out and real. This is Peter Swanson’s third novel and the first I’ve read. I plan on going back and reading THE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART and THE KIND WORTH KILLING.



Peter Swanson is the author of three novels: The Girl With a Clock For a Heart, an LA Times Book Award finalist; The Kind Worth Killing, winner of the New England Society Book Award, and finalist for the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger; and his most recent, Her Every Fear. His books have been translated into 30 languages, and his stories, poetry, and features have appeared in Asimov’s Science FictionThe Atlantic Monthly, Measure, The Guardian, The Strand Magazine, and Yankee Magazine.

A graduate of Trinity College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Emerson College, he lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his wife and cat.
You can contact Peter at his website http://www.Peter-Swanson.com  or twitter @PeterSwanson3
HER EVERY FEAR will be published Tuesday, January 10th, so you have time to pre-order your copy from your favorite independent bookstore. We’re lucky because of several of Peter’s PR peeps – and yes I’m going to name them, Kathleen, Lauren and Craig, thank you! We have one copy of HER EVERY FEAR to giveaway! Just tell us your greatest fear!
We’ll announce a winner, Tuesday, January 3rd. Have a happy 2017!

28 thoughts on “HER EVERY FEAR by Peter Swanson & GIVEAWAY

  1. I am really, really, really afraid of heights! No roller coasters for me! The Kind Worth Killing was incredibly suspenseful and dark, and I’ve been looking forward to this new book from Swanson!

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  2. My mother and grandmother made sure we were pretty much afraid of everything. I’m sure they were just trying to make my sister and I safe but the method was to scare us so much we would never do it. Most of it has finally worn off, but I think my biggest fear must be when driving or walking alone late at night and worry that the maniac I read about in all the thrillers I love will jump out and kidnap/maim/murder/whoknowswhat me! Thanks for the giveaway.

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  3. I have been anxiously waiting for Her Every Fear. I’ve read Swanson’s THE GIRL WITH A CLOCK FOR A HEART and THE KIND WORTH KILLING, which is superb! I’d love this copy. I have two great fears…snakes and heights. Thanks Cindy!

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  4. I thought about this lately and found out that my deepest and greatest fear is fear of failure. Failure in work, failures like a person, failure like a mother, like a wife and a list is big.

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  5. I used to think it was drowning, but it’s not any longer. It is being cut. Yes, I mean cut as in what happens in murder and thriller books. Don’t know why. …I figure I must have dreamt or read something really scarey at some point. Meantime, this book sounds great!

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  6. Heights terrible fear have nightmares about being stuck on a high bridge.My brother&i share the fear watching us get on the down side of a high escalator a sight to behold.

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  7. My biggest fear is being in a crowded room. My anxiety level goes through the roof, and I have to get out of the room to an area with some breathing space. I usually try to get the aisle seat for concerts and plane.

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  8. It might seem silly to some people but I have the biggest fear of spiders! When there is a spider in the house I have my husband or kids kill them. I then feel like they are crawling all over me for the rest of the day. Peter Swanson is a new author for me and I would love to win this new book.

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  9. I am terribly afraid of heights. Several years ago, my young grandson asked me to go on a roller coaster with him. I didn’t want him to know that Nana was afraid to go but he was very upset when we got off the roller coaster and I was crying so hard that I couldn’t talk. Guess I should have been honest with him from the beginning!

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  10. I love roller coasters and high rides that go fast..but I hate ferris wheels and high rudest that go slow… I feel like they are going to crash down to the ground while I am on them!!

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  11. MY GREATEST FEAR — The parents of young adult sons, for the most part, do not realize that there is now an epidemic occurring amongst these young men. In their early twenties, they ae suddenly being stricken and diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. It happened to my son, Kyle. SUDDENLY… MY GREATEST FEAR BEGAN ON OCTOBER 18, 2008….MY SON COMMITTED SUICIDE… I LOST MY ONLY SON ….AND MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER! Get an immediate psychological evaluation if you notice changes in your young adult son’s behavior or moods. Don’t let MY GREATEST FEAR become YOURS.

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  12. My biggest fear is something happening to one of my kids or my husband.

    Debbi, I’m so sorry for your loss. I have a 20yr old son. My eyes are peeled.

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  13. Thank you everyone for being so brave and honest with your shares. I’m so honored that you feel comfortable to post such personal information on our blog. God bless everyone and best wishes for a healthy 2017!


  14. My greatest fear is spiders, not being good enough and dying in a terrible, horrible fashion. Used to be never getting over the fear of learning how to drive but not anymore. I made my appt for my license January 12th. Wish me luck!


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