WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway


I fell in love with Mhairi (pron: Rayfe) McFarlane after reading her novel, IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU. Her books are chick-lit pee-your-panties-laugh-out-loud-funny, but know this, too: they’re not short! Be prepared to settle in for five-hundred plus-pages. It’ll go by fast, but you should know that upfront!

In WHO’S THAT GIRL (Harper), Edie’s a 31-year-old woman working in a busy modern office who is great friends with her boss. He invites her to his wedding and she finds herself kissing him in front of the wife and all the attendees. Edie’s quickly labeled a marriage wrecker ,”the other woman,” bullied on social media and forced to take a leave from work.
“He’s an irrelevant person. Learn to spot irrelevant people. Don’t expect someone who doesn’t know who they are to care about who you are.”
Edie finds herself ghostwriting an autobiography for a spoiled hot new actor, moving home with her dad and loser sister and basically regressing. She hardly recognizes herself. Edie feels as if the world is challenging her, asking her, “who’s that girl?”
Once again Mhairi creates a fully developed character in Edie, with just the right amount of vulnerability, with her unique gift of twisted humor and self-deprecation. Mhairi has written another bestseller in WHO’S THAT GIRL? that you don’t want to miss. .


Mhairi was born in Scotland in 1976 and has been explaining how to pronounce her name ever since. She is based in Nottingham where she used to be a local journalist and now she’s a freelance writer and sometime-blogger, which we all know is code for messing about on Twitter.She lives with a man and a cat.

You can check her out on Facebook, twitter @MhairiMcF and on her website  www.mhairimcfarlane.com

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours   http://www.tlcbooktours.com    and Harper, we have one copy of WHO’S THAT GIRL? to give away. Tell us something you’ve been embarrassed to be caught doing … there has to be something!

We’ll announce a winner Tuesday, September 13th. Good luck!


15 thoughts on “WHO’S THAT GIRL? by Mhairi McFarlane & Giveaway

  1. I once needed a pair of black shoes to wear on a first date with a hot guy. Did not have $ to buy a pair, so I spray painted a pair of rust colored ones. Nice pair of heels. Do I need to tell you that the paint was apparently not dry or not adhering and that after sitting in the car and moving around as one will do, I walked into the restaurant with big splotches of black on my legs and patches of rust coloring on my shoes?

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  2. Speaking of weddings….during my career as a flower girl, I left the ballroom at a grand wedding to use the restroom. Upon my return, I noticed it was the father daughter dance, cut right across the ballroom, sat back down at my table, and then realized I was in the wrong ballroom!

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  3. It seems I get caught fixing my bra in my office almost every time LOL you know, after you walk around carrying your purse then you sit down, the girls just don’t sit right and you have to adjust a little HAHAHA

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  4. Just about everything embarrasses me! It was really hot today, and when I saw how my makeup was lodged into all my pores when I got home, I was embarrassed and wondered why no one else was walking around like I was today!

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  5. One day I wore a dress and pantyhose to work. I used the restroom and must have been in a hurry or something. I finished up in the restroom and proceeded to walk ALL the way back to my work area and felt a breeze. I was horrified when I realized that the back of my dress was bunched up in my pantyhose, therefore my backside was hanging out!!! I have no idea how many people saw me walking around like that and no idea why someone wouldn’t have told me. I just wanted to die!


  6. I had a pair of favorite shoes in 2 colors. They were navy and black. I went to work one morning with one navy and one black. I never lived that one down!!


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