THE HOUSE of BRADBURY by Nicole Meier & Giveaway

paperback-bradbury_largeBookSparks’ “Summer Reading Challenge’s” “Best Summer Ever” continues with Nicole Meier’s, THE HOUSE of BRADBURY(SparkPressPublishing). We’ve already read some really great novels by some really wonderful authors, so it’s no surprise Nicole’s debut novel, THE HOUSE of BRADBURY is really awesome. Nicole proves to be a solid storyteller, as she introduces us to a group of complex, memorable characters, all set against the Los Angeles landscape and the historic home of iconic writer, Ray Bradbury.

Mia Gladwell’s life is on a downward spiral – in fact, it’s arrived! Her debut novel has bombed. Fiancé, Carson cheats on her, the wedding is off and she’s given him back the ring. Now she’s living in her sister’s carriage house, trying to dig herself out of a depression.

She learns the estate of prolific writer, Ray Bradbury is up for sale and is able to buy it with the help of her still guilty for cheating movie mogul, ex-fiancé, Carson. She thinks this is just the inspiration she needs to get out of her funk.

Soon her life gets complicated in a myriad of ways – some good, some bad, definitely complex! She’s dealing with a disapproving sister, a really obsessed ex, a drug-addicted movie-star who moves in, mysterious sketches begin showing up on her front door – was it a mistake to move into Bradbury’s house? You’ll just have to find out! Trust me, THE HOUSE of BRADBURY is a lot of fun!

For all things Nicole check out  or at twitter @nmeierwrites

We have one copy of THE HOUSE of BRADBURY to give away to one lucky winner. Just tell us who your favorite classic writer is and we’ll pick one winner Monday! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Keep checking out BookSparks’ Summer Reading Challenge 2016! There are so many more books you’ll want to put into your beachbag! And don’t forget your sunscreen! This is going to be the “best summer ever.”

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