PUT A RING ON IT by Beth Kendrick & GIVEAWAY


A sure way to get me to read a novel and more often than not, fall in love with it, is to put a sweet looking puppy on the cover. Author, Beth Kendrick did that with her book, THE LUCKY DOG MATCHMAKING SERVICE and she does it again with her latest novel, PUT A RING ON IT (New American Library). I’d think it was a gimmick to get readers to buy her books, but she always delivers with fabulous characters and a romantic story that keeps you flipping through the pages wanting to read more.

“Look at his face.”

“Look at his eyes.”

“Look at his hair.”

“Look at his watch,” Brighton squinted, trying to discern the details in the dim lighting. “Is that … ?”

“That is Jake Sorenson.” Lila waved to the bartender, who slammed down her stainless steel cocktail shaker and motioned them closer. “Designated rebound guy for all the newly single women.”

Brighton couldn’t take her eyes off off the designed rebound guy’s wrist. “Incredible.” 

Brighton Smith isn’t like all women. She’s not attracted to Jake Sorenson because he’s walking-dessert for eyes to feast on. She wants to fix his antique 1953 Patek Philippe watch. Brighton shows up in Black Dog Bay, Delaware after having a fight with her fiancé. She’s less than impressed by Jake’s winning ways, until she learns her fiancé, Colin is dumping her and marrying a woman he just met. This throws the insurance actuary, adverse to any kind of risk into a tailspin –  where any alcohol not tied down is up for grabs. She and Jake impulsively hop his private jet for a quickie marriage in Las Vegas – returning return to Black Dog Bay wondering, what the hell did they just do?

This is a romantic comedy, so of course, it’s fun, kind of sad at times, then happy, and you know how it ends. But with a writer like Beth Kendrick, the narrative is delightful! Beth’s signature breezy dialogue seems so effortless, unless you’ve ever tried to write dialogue, then you know, how hard she has worked, to master her technique. PUT A RING ON IT is a delicious must read!

For all things BETH, go to  http://www.bethkendrick.com  She’s also on Facebook and twitter.

Thanks to BookSparksStudio  www.gobooksparks.com and New American Library for providing a copy of PUT A RING ON IT, so we can give away a copy to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment about your thoughts on love – falling in love, being in love, loving something or someone, anything – just leave your answer in the comment section. We’ll pick a winner Saturday!


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9 thoughts on “PUT A RING ON IT by Beth Kendrick & GIVEAWAY

  1. I’m still looking for love so that’s why I love Beth’s books so much! I have 3 of her books and hope to get this sweet one eventually. And yes, I am a total dog lover! ~Deb


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