OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY – Book Giveaway – You can be a Winner!


Mrs. Featherby had been having pleasant  dreams until she woke to discover the front of her house had vanished overnight.”

Sound a bit odd? Most definitely intriguing. It’s the opening sentence of Janina Matthewson’s debut novel, OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY(The Friday Project/HarperCollins). From there the book only gets stranger, but in a good way, sort of. The thing is, each character loses the very thing their life depends on. Methodically, chapter by chapter, each one experiences a significant loss.

Mrs. Featherby wakes up to the wind blowing in her face, sees the front of her house missing, while the regular activities of her neighborhood continue on. She calls the police to report it missing and then makes another call to the builder for repairs. Delia has lived and cared for her mother and has basically never left her home. But mom is getting better, so when she decides to venture out, she realizes she’s lost her sense of direction, as well as purpose. Robert goes to his office one day to find the building he worked in daily for six years, gone.

But at the same time, young Jake whose father brought him to London after his mother’s sudden death, finds himself attracted to other people’s lost things. Ironically, he may end up losing his most valuable possession, his relationship with his dad.

There are numerous characters in OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY, and I appreciated how Janine was able to weave and bring together their stories. Instead of searching for reasons to explain their losses, it was wonderful how the characters adjusted to their situations. Of course, much like in real life, some needed a little more time than others to accept the process. How many of us faced with such a traumatic situation would be paralyzed and unable to change? This novel was a bit of a nudge for me to look at my own life; the routines I tightly embrace and even the ruts I might be stuck in.

Janina Matthewson uses magical realism to tell this story. It’s a popular technique amongst fantasy writers today. Readers of Janina Matthewson’s novel, OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY will just have to trust me and pick up her wonderful novel for a beautiful whimsical experience of magic, unlike any other! Thank you, Janina for writing this modern fable!

TLC Book Tours gave me a copy to read and now I’m gifting that copy to a lucky reader of THOUGHTS on THIS ‘n THAT. You can win a copy OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY if you just leave a comment of something you lost in the past that you thought you couldn’t live without. Just leave your thoughts with your email above in the comment area. I’ll announce a winner Monday!

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Janina MatthewsonAbout Janina Matthewson

Janina Matthewson is a writer and trained actress from Christchurch, New Zealand. She now lives in London. Of Things Gone Astray is her first full-length novel.

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22 thoughts on “OF THINGS GONE ASTRAY – Book Giveaway – You can be a Winner!

  1. This sounds very interesting. I had a really bad wreck when my daughter was only 6 months old and the next thing I knew my entire life had changed. After being in ICU for 4 weeks I was finally able to see my little girl. Of course I didn’t remember the wreck so it took a long time to really understand everything that was going on.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I lost necklace that was my grandmothers and I was so terribly upset. Then I reframed my thinking and hoped and prayed that whoever found it wod live it as much as I had. Things are just things…memories are what matters!

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  3. I agree that this book sounds very interesting and GR has a preview of it up so you can read a bit. I’m intrigued. What I lost that I couldn’t live without… once upon a time, there was this guy… broke. my. heart. I know it sounds ridiculous but I was young.

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  4. When I was younger and just engaged I lost the main diamond in my ring. This was not due to my carelessness (later on I found out) and I had nightmares about it for years. The setting was improperly done and needed extra claws. In any case it was replaced and all is well.

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  5. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to suggest it to my book club. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.
    I lost one of my favorite rings a few years ago. It was shortly after I moved out to the area where I currently live. The ring said “this too shall pass” but in Hebrew. Weirdly, I felt I needed it more when I lived in NJ and was miserable than when I moved here and felt better about my living situation. I still keep the saying in mind because it’s important during good times too…so you know to treasure them.


  6. I lost my job due to a serious injury. Prior to that, my fiancé lost his 13 month battle with cancer. Then, I lost a best friend to brain cancer, I lost something very personal, then i damn near lost my mind. It’s slowly returning, with the help of meds and therapy. I lost ME and it’s time to find ME again. Oh yeah, I lost my most recent boyfriend because he was a douche!! He couldn’t be my rock anymore.

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