The Invisibles (430x648)

“We’ll choose to remain invisible. To everyone except each other . . . ”

There’s an unspoken feeling among women, that men come and go, but good girlfriends stay with us forever. The four women in the new novel, THE INVISIBLES by Cecilia Galante (WillamMorrow) are a wonderful example of that philosophy – of course, that includes a lot of heartache.

Nora, Ozzie, Monica and Grace were young teenagers when they first came together at Turning Winds, a home for girls with troubled pasts. Together they formed “The Invisibles” – creating their own family and solid bond based on the tragedy they faced in their pasts. On their final night, a terrible “incident” happens revealing that not everything is perfect within their circle. The girls graduate from the high-school and the home; three leave town, hoping to put any bad memories behind them and Nora stays in Willow Grove, where she works at the library and walks her dog “Alice Walker.”

“”Leave it in the past where it would get smaller and smaller until one day it would just disappear altogether.” Except that it hadn’t.””

Fifteen years later on her 32nd birthday, Nora receives an unexpected call that will change the course of the next week, and I’d argue, the rest of her life.  Ozzie calls to say that Grace is sick and her husband says Grace has asked the three of them to come to her side. With many deep secrets and unresolved issues, the four of them are brought together and finally explore that final night for what it was. THE INVISIBLES is about the healing power of friendship, honesty and being truthful. It’s learning to trust another human being for the first time in your life, despite how all logic says not to.

I always find it interesting to learn something about the author whose novel I’m reading and in this case I was fascinated by Cecilia Galante’s background. She was born and raised the first fifteen years of her life in a religious commune. I wonder if there’s something to be drawn from her experience that’s relative to this novel? I can’t help but be intrigued.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow Books, we have a copy of THE INVISIBLES to giveaway to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment about friendship and we’ll pick a winner on Friday! Good luck!

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Cecilia Galante author photoAbout Cecilia Galante

Cecilia Galante is the author of three young adult novels, three middle-grade books, and a children’s chapter-book series. She is the recipient of many awards, including a NAIBA Book of the Year and an Oprah’s Teen Read Selection for her first novel, The Patron Saint of Butterflies. Her books have been translated into Japanese, Turkish, and Polish.

Find out more about Cecilia at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

tlc logo Thanks to TLC Book Tours  for including Thoughts on This ‘n That on this blog tour. We also appreciated receiving a copy of THE INVISIBLES for an honest review. Feel free to check out my website for more of my reviews and news about my novel, “Viewer Discretion Advised.”

THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories


THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories(PronghornPress) is the second book from WILLA Award-Winning Author, Jamie Lisa Forbes. The WILLA award, is named after Pulitzer Prize winning author Willa Cather for distinguished stories written about women and girls in the west, judged by a panel of professional librarians and is awarded yearly. Forbes book, UNBROKEN won the award in 2011 and Forbes returns with this published collection of stories.

THE WIDOW SMALLS tells the story of when Leah’s husband, Bud passes and his brother’s Merle and Grady do nothing to help her, in fact they do the very opposite. Ironically they expect her to fall apart and give them the ranch for a steal, but the brothers get more than they bargain for. She rises up and becomes the woman none of them, including Leah thought possible.

Other stories delve into universal topics such as relationships, resentments and friendships which can become strained. One story is about a father making one last play to keep his daughter home on the ranch, as she spreads her wings for the big city. There is a young rancher who decides to stand up to authority figures for what he believes is morally right, and young lovers experiencing their first romance.

Forbes collection explores the unrelenting extremes of hard work on the working ranch. The seasons move forward, time doesn’t stand still for anything, be it death, sickness, broken equipment or bad crops. She describes a life I’m unfamiliar with but Forbes kept my attention from page one with her prose and gifted storytelling skills.

Thanks to and Pronghorn Press for providing a kindle copy of THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories for an honest review. Check out for all things JAMIE. You can find my blog at For more information about the WILLA Award, go to

THE WIDOW SMALLS and Other Stories will be published Monday, October 20th.


Happy Labor Day! Here are a few books I’ve read that I want to tell you about. 

FRIENDSHIP: A Novel (Touchstone) Emily Gould.
Emily Gould, is probably best known for her website, where she brings great overlooked books by women authors back to life! You must check it out! Her debut novel FRIENDSHIP is about two young women, Amy and Bev living and trying to make it in NYC. GOOD LUCK, Ladies! Readers are taken through the highs and lows, it’s honest, funny and has a fulfilling ending.


I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN HERE WITHOUT YOU (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) Courtney Maum.
I read this novel and because it was on so many MUST READ lists I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t find it funny. Maybe you will, but I didn’t. I read the whole thing and I believe Richard Haddon is a drip and his super successful lawyer wife, Anne Laure is a Saint and God bless her for taking care of their daughter. If you’ve read it and have had a different experience, please feel free to share your experience in my comments area. Maybe I missed something.


THE DAYS of ABANDONMENT (Europa editions) Elena Ferrante.
Italian novelist, Elena Ferrante writes the most brilliant prose about friendship between women. In THE DAYS of ABANDONMENT she captures the truth without judgment in the midst of emotional turmoil and obsession. Europa recently released a trilogy of Ferrante’s novels, which fans have been waiting to be translated. Ann Goldstein from the New Yorker translates from the Italian.



THE BLONDE (Weinstein Books) Anna Godbersen.
This novel will take everything you think you know about Marilyn Monroe and throw it out the window. THE BLONDE creates an extraordinarily, vivid, ruthless novel that will leave you shocked and rethinking the life of Norma Jean. A must for Marilyn fans!


SHOTGUN LOVESONGS (Thomas Dunne Books) Nickolas Butler.
SHOTGUN LOVESONGS got a lot of buzz when it was published earlier this year. It’s the debut novel by Nickolas Butler who graduated from the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. It’s about four guys who grew up in a small town in Wisconsin and go off on their own. They come back as grown men for a wedding. It’s a moving novel that explores the whole guy thing. As a woman, I enjoyed getting to watch how these guys interacted together.


Reading’s going to be very exciting this fall. There are so many wonderful new books coming out. Lorna Landvik has a new hilarious novel called “Best to Laugh,” Jamie Kain releases “The Good Sister,” Elizabeth Bass delivers the yummy “Life is Sweet” and Australian writer, Carla Caruso offers “A Pretty Mess.” I could keep going on and on and on…  Best to check back! Happy September! Cindy xo