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What’s the difference between puppy love and dogged devotion?

Not too much, if you’re a dog lover like me! When I received my copy of STEPDOG (William Morrow) by Nicole Galland I knew I was going to love this book! Look at the cover! Could that darling puppy holding his leash asking to be taken out for a walk be any cuter? I don’t think so. So, here’s the scoop.

Sara Renault fires Rory O’Connor from his part-time job at a Boston art museum, and in response, Rory, an Irishman, actor, musician, former party-boy leans over and kisses her. Then she kisses him back. Now they’re a couple.

Rory’s visa is about to run out on the cusp of his big Hollywood break, so Sara insists he marry her to get his green card. Well, in just a couple of weeks, they’ve gone from being friendly co-workers to a live-in couple, and it seems to be working out except for Cody, Sara’s beloved dog from her troubled previous relationship. What Rory perceives as Sara’s over-attachment to her dog, is the only thing they fight about.

When Rory scores both his green card and the lead role in a TV pilot, he, Sara and Cody get ready to move to Los Angeles. But just before moving day, Cody is dognapped, and it’s Rory’s fault.

Sara is beyond upset at losing her precious Cody, and angry at Rory for his stupidity. Desperate to get back into Sara’s good graces, Rory tracks Cody and the maniac dognapper to North Carolina. Can Rory rescue Cody and convince Sara that they all belong together as a family?

I really enjoyed STEPDOG, Nicole’s humor and whimsical writing style, but as a dog lover, I was curious by how Sara let Rory get away with bossing Cody around. Our dogs are our children and I wouldn’t let Rory raise his voice to Cody or tell him what to do. Some people might find my reaction harsh, but I found Rory’s tone quite telling about his erratic behavior later in the novel.

Bottom line: We LOVE our four-legged children. Don’t mess with them.

About Nicole Galland27588

Nicole Galland’s five previous novels are The Fool’s Tale; Revenge of the Rose; Crossed; I, Iago, and Godiva. She writes a cheeky etiquette column for the Martha’s Vineyard Times. She is married to actor Billy Meleady and owns Leuco, a dog of splendid qualities.

Find out more about Nicole at her website and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter

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Every time we review a book about a dog, I like to show my shih Tzu, SASSY.


Lawyer for the Dog by Lee Robinson


One of the first things S.C. Sally Baynard remembers learning in Law School is that “every case is its own story.” And that is certainly true in the case that Family Court Judge, Joe Baynard hands over to Sally in LAWYER FOR THE DOG (ThomasDunne) by Lee Robinson. You may have noticed the Judge and Sally both have the same last name; that’s because they’ve been divorced for eighteen years. More on that later.

This story begins with the star client having four legs, long whiskers, a pert black nose and dark brown chocolate eyes with long lashes. But it doesn’t stop there. Maryann and Rusty Hart can’t seem to get through their divorce, because they can’t settle on who is going to get custody of their miniature schnauzer, Sherman. They were initially getting divorced because Maryann said she caught Rusty cheating. Rusty denies fooling around, and is now angry about all the money he’s spending on lawyers for him, his wife, and now Sherman.

Since the case is at a stale-mate, Judge Joe brings his ex-wife into the case, whom he’s still in love with to observe Sherman, and act as a kind of “guardian as litem.” At the same time, Sally is dealing with her aging, Alzheimer’s ridden mother and the likelihood her mom’s caretaker will be leaving. Sally is used to dealing with some of the nastiest crimes, but finds herself overwhelmed by the drama in her life. She even finds herself falling for Sherman; remembering the dog she had as a kid before her mom gave it away when her dad passed. And then there’s Sherman’s human Vet, Tony who wanders onto the scene and complicates the situation even more.

It’s a touching novel that anyone with a heart will enjoy. You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy LAWYER FOR THE DOG, but this would be a great gift for the canine lover in your life.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing a kindle copy of LAWYER FOR DOG for an honest review.

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DOG CRAZY by Meg Donohue

Dog Crazy

If you put a puppy on the cover of your novel, you’re guaranteed to capture my attention. In the case of Meg Donohue’s new novel, DOG CRAZY, she has four chocolate lab puppies on the cover. I was practically into chapter three before I realized I’d picked up the book and was reading.

“Packed with deep emotion and charming surprises, DOG CRAZY is a big-hearted and entertaining story that skillfully captures the bonds of love, the pain of separation, and the power of our dogs to heal us.” (Back cover)

Maggie Brennan moves to San Francisco from Philadelphia to start her pet bereavement practice. She brings her beloved 13 year-old retriever, Toby who she’s had since he was a puppy. Suddenly he gets sick and passes away and Maggie finds herself not only unable to counsel herself but she develops agoraphobia and acrophobia and is unable to leave her apartment. Patients come to her, fortunately, so when she’s hired to help a young girl find her missing dog, Maggie is forced to put on her big girl panties and become the therapist she’s trained to be. She puts aside her fears and helps her patient.

Soon we have a ginger-haired poodle, Seymour the bassett hound, a motley cast of homeless pups from SuperMutt Rescue and a volunteer group that Maggie can’t resist serving which are the delightful supporting cast of characters in DOG CRAZY and you just know everything is going to work out. DOG CRAZY is guaranteed to bring joy to people and pooches alike.

**Reviewers note: Readers should not come to this book looking for pet bereavement help. It’s a light-hearted story, which at best mentions grief. I experienced the loss of a pet and as much as I enjoyed DOG CRAZY, it does not substitute for a therapist.

Thanks to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow for providing a copy of DOG CRAZY for an honest review. Please find listed below information on where you can purchase DOG CRAZY and get more info on Meg Donohue.

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About Meg Donohue37962

Meg Donohue is the USA Today Bestselling author of How to Eat a Cupcake and All The Summer Girls. She has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and a BA in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she now lives in San Francisco with her husband, their two young daughters, and their dog.

Find out more about Meg at her website, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t share how thankful I am for my own little rescue angel, SASSY who is the love of my life.


Sassy & Cindy enjoying lunch at the Bal Harbour Shoppes.