MARROW: A Love Story by Elizabeth Lesser & Giveaway


MARROW: A Love Story (HARPER WAVE Books) by Elizabeth Lesser is a mesmerizing and courageous memoir: the story of two sisters uncovering the depth of their love through the life-and-death experience of a bone marrow transplant. Throughout her life, Elizabeth Lesser has sought understanding about what it means to be true to oneself and, at the same time, truly connected to the ones we love. But when her sister Maggie needs a bone marrow transplant to save her life, and Lesser learns she is a perfect match, she faces a far more complex question about what it really means to love.

Hoping to give Maggie the best chance for a successful transplant, the sisters dig deep into the marrow of their relationship to clear a path to unconditional acceptance. They leave the bone marrow transplant up to the doctors, but take on what Lesser calls a “soul marrow transplant,” examining their family history, having difficult conversations, examining the past, digging up old assumptions and finally and offering each other forgiveness until all that is left is exposed true love the other.

It Takes Courage to Love Well.

The takeaway for me after reading MARROW: A Love Story is, life is precious, over, gone, lights out, entirely too quick. We’re here on this earth for a short time and blessed to have people come in and out of our lives during our limited journey. Some may be family members, others friends and acquaintances. But our short time with each one must be embraced. This memoir was a wake-up call for me to stop and value the people near and dear; to stop talking around one another and speak to each other’s hearts. Make time for a cup of coffee or an afternoon to get a bite. Love may take courage, but it really shouldn’t be difficult.

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elizabeth-lesser-apAbout Elizabeth Lesser

ELIZABETH LESSER is the author of THE SEEKER’S GUIDE and the New York Times bestseller, BROKEN OPEN. She is the co-founder of Omega Institute, recognized internationally for its workshops and conferences that focus on holistic health, psychology, spirituality, creativity, and social change. Prior to her work at Omega, she was a midwife and childbirth educator. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her family.

Find out more about Elizabeth at her website, and connect with her on Facebook.


Thanks to TLC Book Tours and HARPER WAVE Books for providing a copy of MARROW for an honest review. We have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us about a special experience you’ve shared with a sibling or friend.

We’ll announce a winner Monday, October 17th.