INTERFERENCE by Brad Parks – Spotlight & Giveaway

So tell me the truth. If you were offered to read a book on Quantum Physics, what would you say? Quantum what? That was me. I don’t understand Einstein. But you have to check out Brad Parks new novel, INTERFERENCE (ThomasMercer). It is a thriller unlike any I’ve read before and I learned a lot of science too. INTERFERENCE explores the scientific unknown—and one woman’s efforts to save her husband from its consequences.

Quantum physicist Matt Bronik is suffering from strange, violent seizures that medical science seems powerless to explain—much to the consternation of his wife, Brigid.

Matt doesn’t think these fits could be related to his research, which he has always described as benign and esoteric. That, it turns out, is not quite true: Matt has been prodding the mysteries of the quantum universe, with terrible repercussions for his health. And perhaps even for humanity as a whole.

Then, in the midst of another seizure, Matt disappears. When foul play is feared, there is no shortage of suspects. Matt’s research had gained the attention of Chinese competitors, an unscrupulous billionaire, and the Department of Defense, among others.

With Matt’s life in clear danger, Brigid sets out to find him. Will Matt be killed before she reaches him, or could the physics that endangered him actually be used to save his life?

International bestselling author Brad Parks is the only writer to have won the Shamus, Nero, and Lefty Awards, three of American crime fiction’s most prestigious prizes. His novels have been translated into 15 languages and have won critical acclaim across the globe, including stars from every major pre-publication review outlet. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Parks is a former journalist with The Washington Post and The (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger. He is now a full-time novelist living in Virginia with his wife and two school-aged children.

Thanks to Megan Beatie Communications we have one copy to giveaway. Tell us what you know about Quantum Physics. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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21 thoughts on “INTERFERENCE by Brad Parks – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. Sounds like a very interesting novel. I would be happy to read and review it for you. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Sylvia J Dominick


  2. I worked 32 years in Chemistry at a nuclear power plant. I also love Big Bang Theory (my current binge). Quantum physics gets me all excited! This book sounds fabulous! I’m currently gathering thrillers for my October AHHHHH reads. Thanks for the opportunity to add this one to that TBR stack. Stay healthy!

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  3. I actually read books on quantum physics and other scientific studies because I’m a science nerd LOL. Quantum physics is about the study of how everything works! I think that is so intriguing and awe inspiring! When I saw this book I thought I must have it! 🤗


  4. I am a super nerd with a dual degree in Chemistry and Physics. I loved Quant Physics in college. Now, add that subject to an interesting storyline and I am on it faster than the speed of light!


  5. I don’t know anything about quantum physics but this author is extremely creative and talented. His novels are unforgettable.


  6. Q: What did one quantum physicist say when he wanted to fight another quantum physicist?
    A: Let me atom.


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