QUEEN of THE OWLS by Barbara Linn Probst – GIVEAWAY CLOSED


“There’s something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.”

QUEEN of THE OWLS, page 146

This summer there’s a book that is quietly getting so much buzz, readers can’t ignore it. Barbara Linn Probst’s debut, QUEEN OF THE OWLS (SheWritesPress) is being heralded as a must read by PopSugar.com to Bustle.com and Parade Magazine. QUEEN of THE OWLS challenges every woman to explore and find her authentic self.

Elizabeth is a professor studying the Hawaii paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe.  Her time on the Islands transforms O’Keeffe’s life through her body, not just her eyes or painting. Elizabeth’s examination of O’Keeffe’s life as a painter during that time takes a hold of her resulting in Elizabeth making some very un-Elizabeth choices. These actions have consequences including her family relationships and profession. In the end, Elizabeth comes out a stronger woman.

I was initially excited to read this novel, because  I love O’Keeffe’s paintings. I wasn’t aware of her Hawaii paintings and what they represented. But QUEEN of THE OWLS is so much more than a story about Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings.  It had me questioning how I feel I’m seen as a woman in the world and even by my family. The book felt like a call to action. It dared me to be honest with myself and question what it means to be a woman. Georgia O’Keeffe wrote, “You get whatever accomplishment you’re willing to declare.” That’s strength.

I look forward to what Barbara writes next.

Barbara’s words:


I’ve embraced many sides of life. I’ve been a teacher, therapist, qualitative researcher, educational advocate, “serious amateur” pianist, and full-time mom. I’ve run a not-for-profit organization, mentored PhD students, counseled families, done webinars and radio interviews on how to nurture out-of-the-box children, and much more!

I’ve had many homes. I’ve lived in a cabin in the California redwoods, a firehouse, a converted sauna in the heart of Greenwich Village—and lots of places in-between. I now live on a historic dirt road in New York’s Hudson Valley.

I’ve looked and listened. I’ve traveled from Iceland to Israel, Scotland to Spain. I’ve spent time in Italy, Egypt, Costa Rica, Turkey, France, and along the backpacking trails of the U.S. and Canada.

I’ve spoken up. I’ve given talks to dozens of parent groups, professional organizations, and academic conferences all over the country. Here are some of my presentations.

Through all of it, I’ve never stopped writing.


Thanks to Barbara we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us what you love about yourself. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA please only

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36 thoughts on “QUEEN of THE OWLS by Barbara Linn Probst – GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. I admire how I am always wanting to learn new things and better myself. Being a reader allows me to explore ideas, cultures, and history at my own pace.

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  2. What I love about myself? That sometimes I can let harsh words roll off my back and let them go and not hold a grudge.

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  3. My husband claims I make excuses for everybody, however, I believe that people deserve the benefit of a doubt. I consider myself not to be judgemental. I’m a listener and can keep a secret.

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  4. I love my life. I am a happy go lucky person. I live for the moment. I have a wonderful husband and 2 fantastic kids that are just starting their careers in the medical field and I just can’t wait to see how their life turns out. I just love myself and my life. I can’t ask for more. (well maybe for them to get married one day and have babies… LOL).

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  5. I love that I’m caring for others..my daughter tells me I’m too nice because I hate telling people no…i love to always lend a helping hand.

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  6. Every action begins with intention. I am always aware of my intentions and the effect they might have on my family, friends and community. The awareness keeps me honest.

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  7. It always hard me to think about my good traits. My best is that I have a huge heart ❤️ Unfortunately it’s also sometimes my worst because it breaks so easily and hurts too often 💔

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  8. i love that I can laugh at myself. I also love to sing, so I sing along to my iPod when I do my daily walk – I enjoy my voice, not so sure others would agree! Thanks for the giveaway. Stay safe and healthy.

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  9. I am very patient and I love my life as a wife, a mother, a granny and a sister , and an aunt , and of course a mama to my fur baby, and granny to fur babies, I Love my Life, Thank you Jesus!

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  10. I love that I can give everyone the benefit of the doubt and that I can forgive and move forward.


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