HER TWIN BABY SECRET by Therese Beharrie – Spotlight & Giveaway




Happy Valentine’s Day week…. We have romantic novels the next four days just for you courtesy of Harlequin.

In Therese Beharrie’s HER TWIN BABY SECRET, could her biggest competition… become her babies’ father?

Alexa Moore is the definition of empowered and independent. She runs her own successful business and she’s decided to start the family she’s longed-for—by herself! But after business rival Benjamin Foster comes to her rescue and pretends to be her boyfriend for a night, their earth-shattering kiss sparks Alexa’s desire to share much more with him… can she find her Happily-Ever-After with this unexpected love?

From Harlequin Romance: Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.



Being an author has always been Therese’s dream. But it was only when the corporate world loomed during her final year at university that she realized how soon she wanted that dream to become a reality. So she got serious about her writing, and now writes books she wants to see in the world featuring people who look like her for a living. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her husband and dogs in Cape Town, South Africa. She admits that this is a perfect life, and is grateful for it.

Thanks to Harlequin we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us how you plan on spending the Valentine’s Day holiday. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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11 thoughts on “HER TWIN BABY SECRET by Therese Beharrie – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. This sounds very interesting. I’ll be spending a quiet evening at home reading with my fur baby beside me. Earlier in the day, weather permitting, I hope to go to the spa and have a facial, massage and mani/pedi and use some of the gift cards my son gave me for Christmas. Going to the spa is one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

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  2. At home with the hubby. Ill do a nice dinner, a card and thats about it. We show our love for each other daily. Valentine’s is no different for us

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  3. I am spending Valentine’s Day working at a restaurant! So romantic! I will be watching others have a nice dinner with their loved one. Oh well☹️

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  4. This book sounds like a very good read! I will be spending Valentines Day taking it easy all day, except for in the morning, I will be going to the gym to get my exercise , after that I will take it easy. My husband is a musician and so he will be busy playing his saxophone for a venue. So when he leaves for his job, it will be my pup and I just taking it easy and probably watching a movie. My husband has been practicing his Valentines music so I get to listen to all his songs firsthand. 🙂 You all have a Great and Happy Valentines Day!

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  5. Spending time at my daughter school helping with all their events they have planned. After school going to a family dinner with my daughter and husband. I looking forward to it!

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