HOLLY BANKS FULL of ANGST (LakeUnionPublishing) is a laugh-out-loud debut novel for anyone who’s tried to live the perfect life—and learned the hard way there’s no such thing.

And they all lived happily ever after … until that happened.

Holly Banks could not have made a worse first impression on the seemingly perfect moms in her new affluent community, the Village of Primm. Turns out wearing pink piggy pajama bottoms while dropping off her kindergartener late to the first day of school wasn’t her best look.

Not to mention Holly’s worried her husband may be having an affair, she can’t get her daughter to stop sucking her thumb, her hard-won film degree is collecting dust, and to top it all off, the power-hungry PTA president clearly has it in for her…

To make matters even worse, Holly’s natural eye for drama lands her smack-dab in the middle of a neighborhood mystery—right as her own crazy mother shows up in Primm “to help.” Through it all, Holly begins to realize her neighbors may be just as flawed as—and even wackier than—she is, leaving her to wonder: Is there such a thing as a perfect mom?

This is only the FIRST book in The Primm series. You KNOW we’ll be back for more visits!

(Full review November 1st)

Julie-Valerie_edited (1)

Julie Valerie, an avid Scrabble player who once played QWERTY on a triple word, writes humorous women’s fiction and is developing a series set in the idyllic Village of Primm.

She is the founder of the 85K Writing Challenge, providing writers an enriching environment in which to pen 85,000 words in 90 days, supported by a full calendar of writing support. Julie also serves on the board of directors for James River Writers, a multi-faceted non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia, that serves as central Virginia’s literary hub. A voracious reader, Julie has reviewed 200+ books in her genre and won the BookSparks 2015 Summer Reading Challenge Grand Prize.

Deepening her love of the written word, Julie earned an editing certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School and is constantly humbled by the nuances of language and the nitty-gritty of grammar while strengthening her proficiencies in the Chicago Manual of Style. With a master’s degree in education and a certification in wilderness first aid, Julie enjoys reading, the study of wine, section hiking the Appalachian Trail, and travel.

Writing amid the mayhem and merriment of her motley crew, Julie is married to her college sweetheart, has four children (two girls, two boys) and two English Labradors (one yellow, one chocolate)


Thanks to Lake Union Publishing and Kathleen Carter Communications, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us about what causes you angst. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good Luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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  1. Worrying about my daughter who just found out she is pregnant. This is her 3rd child. She found out with the last pregnancy she has Chrons and we almost lost her.

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  2. Worrying about family members who are fighting cancer.such a terrible disease and our family has been hit hard this week.

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  3. Lucky me. My family is grown, I’m retired and while I worry that everyone is healthy and happy, I have little to angst about. I do, however, remember angst.

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  4. I say this with half a laugh, but when I am cooking in my mom’s kitchen. For Thanksgiving dinner, I *thought* I was doing the cooking (I have been staying with her as she recovers from surgery). Planned everything to only find myself transported back to my childhood. My roasted potatoes got boiled. My marinade was dumped down the sink. Somehow the stove was turned off in the middle of cooking. In the nicest tone I could muster, I had to ask which one of us was making the dinner. 🤕

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  5. A lot of social events cause me angst. I second-guess whether people truly like me or are just pretending and then talking about me behind my back.

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  6. I have a love/hate relationship with my job at a Christmas store. Love the job and the hustle and bustle, but the hours are long and rough standing 9 hrs a day

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  7. Radiation hit my lungs 9 years ago during breast cancer treatment. I had to get lung biopsy and diagnosed with BOOP (bronchial obliteration). It has fkared up twice since then. Cure is 60mg prednisone a day for 6 months. This harsh drug works but side affects are terrible. Swelling and breathing especially. Backing off at 40mg now but struggling every day. Worried because it’s affectung fatty liver. I need a break.

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  8. Something happen to my children. Pollution, poverty, slavery and mistreatment of animals and humans and climate change, I’m a very sensitive person.

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  9. Working in retail……tough business this time of year and threats of potential bad weather.


  10. The demands of my family are the prime source of my angst, dealing with their various moods and whims. The worst is trying to get them to help around the house. Their refusal drives me up the wall. Thanks for this chance.


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