Giveaway Closed ** STEALING KISSES IN THE SNOW by Jo McNally – Interview & Giveaway **



And nothing is better than climbing into a comfy chair, with a cuppa and reading a holiday romance novel. According to Harlequin Romance, here are some reasons why:

  1. Embrace the Holiday spirit:  It’s uplifting, inspiring and good entertainment.
  2. Get rid of stress: That’s right. To do good, its important to feel good. Reading can reduce stress by about 68%.
  3. Girl Power: Romance novels are typically written by and for women. Best genre to celebrate Girl Power in the 21st century!
  4. Recharge: Take some me time. Even as little as ten minutes can re-energize you.
  5. Be Merry: In life and love we all love happily ever afters. In a romance novel, it’s guaranteed.

We’ll be featuring a holiday Romance novel and giveaway every Friday leading up to Christmas. Today we begin with book two in Jo McNally’s, Rendezvous series, STEALING KISSES in the SNOW (HQN).


It’s Christmas in Rendezvous Falls and love’s waiting to be unwrapped…

Single mom Piper Montgomery’s plate is full. Between her two adorable kids, two jobs and a fixer-upper house, she’s so busy she can hardly see straight. But when rugged biker Logan Taggart strolls into the inn where she’s working, she can’t help but stare. He has bad boy written all over him. And with two kids relying on her, that’s the last thing she needs this Christmas.

Rendezvous Falls is nothing but a pit stop for Logan. Once his grandmother is back on her feet and ready to reclaim the inn, Logan can get back on the road. It’s where he belongs, even if his grandmother’s matchmaking book club try to convince him otherwise. Still, there’s something about beautiful spitfire Piper that makes him wonder if family and forever might just be what he needs after all.

But as the holidays draw ever closer, so do Piper and Logan. Could these polar opposites find that all they want this Christmas is each other? You’ll just have to read and find out.


Thanks to Harlequin Romance novels,  we have one copy of STEALING KISSES in the SNOW to giveaway. Just tell us your favorite Holiday memory.  We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please


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20 thoughts on “Giveaway Closed ** STEALING KISSES IN THE SNOW by Jo McNally – Interview & Giveaway **

  1. The most valued Christmas gift I received to my husband is a purple grapes necklace! He always looked for earrings to match, but never found any! After his death, I was watching a jewelry show on tv and saw the earrings to match and ordered! Then I later saw a bracelet! Now I have a matched set and I’m sure my special guardian angel is looking down and smiling!


  2. A favorite holiday memory was taking my son when he was a little boy to visit all the magical holiday decorated department store windows downtown.


  3. Receiving the long, long (support hose?) stocking my mom and grandma used to fill for us – nuts, an orange, always a pair of socks, candy, little gifts. Wonderful memory.


  4. My favorite Christmas memory is when I was 7 my mom was expecting our youngest sibling, well she had a false labor on Dec. 21, so it being so close to Christmas us little naive my 4 siblings at the time wanted to send our grandmother to go get the baby for us so that our mom could stay home with us. Well, of course that couldn’t be done, anyways on Dec. 23 in the morning my mom went into labor and so our little sister was born on the evening of the 23, Thank God our mom was able to come home on Christmas Eve, she probably pleaded with the Dr. to let her come home. Anyways our whole family was home that Christmas, including our baby sister.


  5. Visiting my parents very large extended family in Canada almost every year. Besides seeing so many relatives at once, it was a great way to learn a second language as they only spoke French. One of the first words I learned was for CAKE. 😋


  6. All of my best holiday memories include my grandmother. She was a wonderful woman who only wanted good for everyone. I think what I remember most is her baking. It was always a wonder to show up and find her in the middle of creating something delicious, seeing her work a miracle that started with a volcano of flour and yeast.

    Thanks for the chance.


  7. Favorite memory was going to my sisters house for Christmas where we had a blast with playing games, eating and opening presents. She was always our party goer and I miss her very much.


  8. I used to put an alfalfa bale in front of my grandparents’ large living room window and watch for the deer to come up and eat it. So neat to see them and the lights reflecting on them when we celebrate Christmas with our family.

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  9. I am the youngest of six, and one Christmas we all got bicycle/tricycles. It was awful to have to wait until spring to ride!


  10. My favorite Christmas memory is when my husband to be gave me my engagement ring. I loved it and I said yes!


  11. I have lots of good memories of Christmas. One was when my mom was in assisted living. They had a Christmas party and gave each resident a blanket, but for some reason my almost 99 year old mom thought she had the only one.


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