Giveaway closed MERCY ROAD by Ann Howard Creel – Spotlight & Giveaway


One of our favorite writers of historical fiction has just published a new novel. Ann Howard Creel’s new book, MERCY ROAD (LakeUnionPublishing) is inspired by the true story of  the World War I American Women’s Hospital. It’s a story about love, courage and a female ambulance driver who risks everything.

In 1917, after Arlene Favier’s home burns to the ground, taking her father with it, she must find a way to support her mother and younger brother. Job opportunities are scarce, but then a daring possibility arises: the American Women’s Hospital needs ambulance drivers to join a trailblazing, all-female team of doctors and nurses bound for war-torn France.

On the front lines, Arlene and her fellow ambulance drivers work day and night to aid injured soldiers and civilians. In between dangerous ambulance runs, Arlene reunites with a childhood friend, Jimmy Tucker, now a soldier, who opens her heart like no one before. But she has also caught the attention of Felix Brohammer, a charismatic army captain who harbors a dark, treacherous secret.

To expose Brohammer means risking her family’s future and the promise of love. Arlene must make a choice: stay in the safety of silence or take the greatest chance of her life.



Ann Howard Creel writes historical novels about strong female characters facing seemingly impossible obstacles and having to make life-changing decisions.

When asked where she gets her ideas, Ann answers, “From history.” She doesn’t know when the muse will strike, but often while reading about history, she sees an image in her mind.

In the works are new novels about an American horsewoman joining an all-female group of doctors and a tale of an American teacher needing an escape who inherits a Paris nightclub just as Europe is steadily marching toward war.

Besides writing, Ann’s other interests include old houses, new yoga routines, red wine, and all things cat.  For book clubs, Ann will visit you via Skype. Contact her through her website:


Thanks to Ann we have one copy of her new novel, MERCY ROAD to giveaway. Just tell us what you love about historical fiction. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

Happy Thanksgiving!

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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50 thoughts on “Giveaway closed MERCY ROAD by Ann Howard Creel – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. I love reading historical fiction because I learn something new everytime and it makes learning interesting. Thank you for the chance.

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  2. I’ve always loved history, so it’s no surprise historical fiction is my favorite. I love learning about the past, things I knew nothing about previously, and being swept away in a beautiful story.

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  3. I love reading historical fiction!!! I get to learn about that era and the clothes they wore. I love hearing about the houses and what the country looked like!

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  4. Historical fiction answers the “what if?” questions around the historical facts. Gives us a little extra story about characters or events.

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  5. I love to be transported to the time and life of the people involved. And also one always learn something about that era.

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  6. I always learn something when reading historical fiction. I enjoy reading about the fortitude of the people of that era. I enjoy reading about their lives. 👍🍀✅😀

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  7. This sounds like a great book to read. Love to read books that have strong women who take care of their families during times of crisis and from that era. Thank you!

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  8. Thanks for the chance! I learn about the story’s places, the events of that time period/era, how today’s topics are taboo, etc.

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  9. I love just that era. Fancy clothes, people with manners, people helping one another. The architecture and details of decor. I get to fantasize that I lived in that time.

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  10. Hi, I love Historical fiction , it is so very interesting and so very different from now a days. This book sounds like a very good book and like a good page turner! Thank you for sharing about it. I would love to read it. Have a Very Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving.


  11. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love reading it because it transports me to another time and place where I learn new things, such as what went on during WWII, how people dressed during different eras, the cultures, and sometimes how people survived each and every time I read a new historical fiction novel.

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  12. I love that historical fiction allows me to learn while being entertained. It gives me a window into worlds I’ll never know.

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  13. I love history in general, so historical fiction lets me be entertained, immersed in a story, and learn more history at the same time. I generally will google the time period and/or events that happen in the book to give myself more reference.

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  14. I love going back in History to learn about the people and the places they visit. Thanks for your great generosity.


  15. I love historical fiction, especially WWI and WWII topics. Grandfather in WWI; Dad in WWII. My grandfather had a head injury in Aargon Forest in WWI and needed the ambulances who happened to find him after he was left for dead. Transported him to another country and placed a steel plate in his head. He was fine with no lasting effects.


  16. Historical fiction transports me to a different time and place and I learn about events and people I never knew about


  17. I despised history in school but for some reason love reading about it now. I’m much older, of course, and I guess I appreciate learning what life was like in the past and especially what it was like to live through war.


  18. I love imagining living during a time when they didn’t have all the amenities that we have today.


  19. Historical Fiction brings me to a different place and time and teaches me things about the world and people! I’m always in awe when I read stories about history that I did not know about. Thank you for the chance!


  20. Historical fiction takes me back in time where my grandparents and parents had hard times and I can learn the ways they lived..


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