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While on vacation, I met this wonderful, smiling, hyper-positive young woman in Los Angeles. She shared some of her life experiences and I was amazed at how she stayed so optimistic. She told me she wrote a novel, REMEMBER and it was being published today, October 8th. I hope everyone gets a chance to buy and read her book. You won’t be disappointed.

REMEMBER is a riveting debut psychological thriller about the power memory has over us.

Portia Willows was a senior in high school in Los Angeles when her world fell apart. While dealing with the aftermath of the accident that took the lives of her mother and sister, she finds herself forced to face her own memory―which may not be quite what it seems. But Portia suffers from severe social anxiety disorder that prevented her from having any sort of life, while her little sister, Piper, was her best, and only, friend.

Now, five years later, Portia is forced to recall the events of the past while being questioned about a horrific crime she doesn’t remember. During those years, Portia had created a toxic, agoraphobic, life with her father, cigarettes and alcohol her only companions, unable to cope with her loss. That is, until Ethan Torke moved in across the street and changed Portia’s perspective in ways she could not possibly comprehand. But the truth always catches up with you, and fantasies never last. An unforgettable tale of memory, love, and strength through the darkest of times, Remember announces a brave new voice in psychological suspense.


Patricia Smith was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After dealing with depression, cutting and eating disorders, she wrote her debut novel, REMEMBER to try and save lives with words. You can always find her at pop punk shows and coffee shops. Follow her on twitter @pssmith92 and Instagram @patriciashanae. She also hosts and open community where people are going through a hard time can submit their troubles, secrets and express themselves without judgement at

We’re lucky to have a copy of Patricia’s debut novel to giveaway. Just tell us something you will “remember” forever – never forget. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please

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59 thoughts on “REMEMBER by Patricia Smith & Giveaway

  1. A surprise birthday party my husband threw for me. My daughter and her family (4) had moved from Paris FR to Florida a couple of days before my birthday. My husband flew them here (Ohio) as a surprise at the party.. Even though I was looking at everyone and they were not hidden, I didn’t see them. My daughter had to come face to face with me before I saw her. AN UNBELIEVEABLE MOMENT.

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  2. I’ll always remember the day my son came in the house two days before Christmas and said turn on the lights mom I’m bringing in some packages. In he comes with this adorable tiny Shih Tzu puppy and says Merry Christmas mom. For the first time in my life I was speechless. I had lost my precious little Shih Tzu six months before and had been heartbroken. I didn’t want another dog because losing her was so painful, but he bought her for me out of love and the little guy had me with at his first tiny bark.

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  3. This book looks amazing and I would love to read and review! I Unfortunately I have a lot of bad memories throughout my lifetime but I keep on keeping on😀

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    1. I will always remember my son’s horrible car accident 18 years ago, when he flew through the windshield at 85mph! He ended up with a partial spinal cord injury, which means he’s paralyzed from the chest down! When I first saw him, I didn’t recognize him…tubes running all over the place, on a respirator, 2 punctured lungs, a split kidney, and huge gashes from head to toe! After a month in ICU, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility many hours from home, where we went to be with him every weekend for the next 3 months. It took that long to teach him the basics of transferring himself to a wheelchair, how to take care of his bowels and catheter, put on clothes, shower, eat, etc. My heart has been broken ever since, and his life was forever changed, as were the lives of all of us who love him. We’re still dealing with addiction issues with him that began before the accident, and so far, I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel! Heartbreaking, especially since he’s an only child and my mother’s only grandchild. Sorry to be so melancholy, but it still hurts me deeply!❤😢

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  4. I will always remember my dads smile.he made us all laugh.
    He has been gone since 1980.miss him everyday.
    Our world is a sadder place without his smiling face

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  5. Many things I will never forget, but most recently my spouse had unexpected open heart for a very rare tumor inside the heart that usually isn’t detected until autopsy. There is a lot to the story, but I will always remember not to take him or life for granted. To enjoy the time we have, living with kindness, and gratefulness.

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  6. The hardest time I had and will never forget is when I had to say goodbye to my Husband of 21 years after dealing with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer.

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    1. There are quite a few things that I will never forget/ always remember, like where I was on 9-11, the day my mother passed away and how she came to me in a dream hours later to tell me she was ok and not to worry, my bff from high school and my two book group sisters that have helped me immensely since I joined book clubs in May 2019.
      Thank you for the chance to enter

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  7. I’ll never forget my husband’s non proposal and his giving me my engagement ring. He told me when I came home from college we would get engaged. My husband met me at the airport. When we go to his car he said “here “ and handed me a box with an engagement ring. We were married less than 6 months later. We have been married for 46 years.

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  8. I will always remember my 3 siblings and my dad that I have lost. Now I’m losing my mom and I’ve so many precious memories of us getting into things.

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  9. How my dad struggled the last few years of his life with Alzheimer’s disease. It haunts me in so many ways. Wish I could go back to before that time & hug him a little more often.

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  10. I will always remember how special my mom and dad made all our holidays especially Christmas and our birthdays. We were 6 siblings and they always made sure we never lacked anything. I was Blessed with 2 very loving and caring parents. Thanks be to God.

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  11. I’ll always remember my mom who gave me the gift of loving to read. Every night before bed she would read to me. Every time we went into town, she would buy me a book to add to my collection. Growing up, every week on Saturday, we would go to the library to choose books together. I’m an avid reader, thanks to her. And she loved hearing me read to her when she was sick in bed. Sadly my mom passed away, at the hospital with my dad by her side.
    I will always be eternally grateful for her passing on the love of reading to me. Her passing is incredibly sad but her memory lives on with every book that I pick up to read!

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  12. I will always remember the day that my water broke…with my 5th child. All of my children have been c-section babies for one reason or another and we have scheduled all of them. All of my friends who have kids always tell stories of how they went into labor or their water broke her or there. I never got to experience any of that and I always wanted to know what it felt like. Well, I got my wish with my last child. I had just eaten a nice steak sub and gravy fries and went to lay down. No sooner had I fallen asleep that I felt like something inside of me snapped and a most peculiar feeling came over me that something wasn’t right. Sure enough, I rolled my hugely swollen belly out of bed and leaked my way to the bathroom and called my husband to come help. C-section still happened, just a few days earlier than she was due to arrive, but it got postponed because of my meal. Oh well. I now have my story.

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  13. I will always remember the way my heart imploded when the neonatologist told me my newborn son probably would not make it through the night. I had an epidural and could not even get up to go see him. God prevailed and that son is a healthy 23 year old today.

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  14. I will always remember my dad. I was the youngest of three girls. I was his baby girl. He passed away last November. The grief is sometimes unbearable. He was the most selfless man I knew.

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