THE SECOND CHANCE SUPPER CLUB – by Nicole Meier – Spotlight & Giveaway


Grilled cheese and tomato soup

In Nicole Meier’s new novel, THE SECOND CHANCE SUPPER CLUB  (LakeUnionPublishing) two estranged sisters reunite. It’s a story of family, forgiveness, lost hope, new beginnings and delicious food.  

 Ginny and Julia Frank had a forever bond, until a sudden tragedy thrust them apart. Now, each at a crossroad in her own life, their paths are about to intersect. Broadcast journalist Julia has it all: a career, an ambitious fiancé, and the hard-won respect of her peers. Until a hasty and desperate decision destroys her reputation, puts her job at risk, and sends her reeling toward the only soul left to turn to: her estranged sister, Ginny.

 The owner of a clandestine supper club hidden in the Arizona desert, Ginny has a lot on her plate. The last thing she wants is more drama—or the burden of nursing her younger sister’s wounded ego. Her young adult daughter Olive is enough to deal with. But family is family. Besides, Ginny can use the help in more ways than one, and she’s going to make sure Julia pulls her weight.

 As a tenuous reunion reopens old wounds, Julia and Ginny have no choice but to confront the pain and betrayals of the past. Will working to keep the secret supper club running be just what they need to find common ground and a path toward forgiveness, or will the increasing stress push them even further apart?

 Warm, comforting and brimming with hope, THE SECOND CHANCE SUPPER CLUB is the perfect reminder of the unique bonds that make up a family.


Nicole Meier is a native Southern Californian who pulled up roots and moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband, three children, and one very nosey Aussiedoodle.

Her debut novel, THE HOUSE OF BRADBURY, was chosen as a Best Book of 2016 by Refinery29. Her latest novel, THE GIRL MADE OF CLAY, was recently named a Top Book according to Bookbub readers.

Nicole’s works have been published in The Oregonian, Cascade Journal, Southern Oregon Magazine, Women Writers Women’s Books, Brazen Woman, and more.

Find her online at NicoleMeierWrites on Facebook, @nmeierwrites on Twitter, and @nicolemeierwrites on Instagram.

We have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us the best novel you’ve read about sisters. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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45 thoughts on “THE SECOND CHANCE SUPPER CLUB – by Nicole Meier – Spotlight & Giveaway

  1. My favorite bood about sisters would have to be Such Devoted Sisters by Eileen Goudge. It was about chocolate makers and I CRAVED chocolate the whole time I was reading it! I still think of this book and I bet it was close to 30 years ago that I read it! ❤📚🍫👭

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  2. The Sevond Chance Supper Club sounds like the kind of family drama that always proves to be a great read and I would love to read it.


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