ELLIE & THE HARPMAKER by Hazel Prior – SPOTLIGHT & Giveaway


From Berkley Publishing comes Hazel Prior’s debut novel, ELLIE and the HARP MAKER (Berkley).

Ellie is a lonely, unsatisfied housewife searching for her purpose. She composes poetry and spends her days in an unhappy marriage to a manipulative man, quietly dreaming of rewriting her own life story.

Then Ellie meets Dan.

Dan is a harpmaker, living alone, creating beautiful, hand-carved instruments inside his barn in the English countryside. Dan is different. He prefers to spend his time in solitude, tucked away in his workshop, where he doesn’t have to interact with other people.

Ellie has never met anyone like Dan.

When Dan gives Ellie one of his harps, he shares not only the gift of music, but a lifeline―the start of an improbable but enduring friendship, and new hope for Ellie’s future. But Dan has a secret―and it’s not long before Ellie finds out and changes his entire world, too.



Prior is a professional concert harpist and debut novelist originally from Oxford. She has toured extensively with musical groups and has played at festivals and theaters around the world. Though her life has largely revolved around her music career, Prior always dreamed of becoming a writer. After submitting a short story to a magazine contest and winning first prize, her dream became reality, leading her to write her shining gem of a first novel.

Thanks to Berkley, we have one copy to giveaway. Just describe the sound of a harp. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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50 thoughts on “ELLIE & THE HARPMAKER by Hazel Prior – SPOTLIGHT & Giveaway

  1. The sound of a harp is magical. It reminds me of birds singing or a cascading waterfall. It is gentle and clear, it’s mellow and simply beautiful.


  2. A harp sounds like no other instrument. It sounds like a waterfall played by an angel.


  3. It is very difficult I can only say that when I think of that instrument I think of angels I don’t know why.


    1. The sound of the harp is so soothing. We used to have someone come pay the harp at the children’s hospital. Thanks for the chance.


  4. I love angels and usually associate harps with them. The sound of a harp is one of beauty and delicacy.


  5. A wide range of sound can be produced from clear and strong, reverberating, blurred, and gentle. Beautiful!


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