SUMMER of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand – SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY



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Four siblings experience the drama, intrigue, and upheaval of a summer when everything changedin New York Timesbestselling author Elin Hilderbrand’s first historical novel, SUMMER of ’69 (LittleBrown). 

Welcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century. It’s 1969, and for the Levin family, the times they are a-changing. Every year the children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother’s historic home in downtown Nantucket.

But like so much else in America, nothing is the same: Blair, the oldest sister, is marooned in Boston, pregnant with twins and unable to travel. Middle sister Kirby, caught up in the thrilling vortex of civil rights protests and determined to be independent, takes a summer job on Martha’s Vineyard. Only-son Tiger is an infantry soldier, recently deployed to Vietnam. Thirteen-year-old Jessie suddenly feels like an only child, marooned in the house with her out-of-touch grandmother and her worried mother, each of them hiding a troubling secret. As the summer heats up, Ted Kennedy sinks a car in Chappaquiddick, man flies to the moon, and Jessie and her family experience their own dramatic upheavals along with the rest of the country.

In her first historical novel, rich with the details of an era that shaped both a nation and an island thirty miles out to sea, Elin Hilderbrand once again earns her title as queen of the summer novel.



Elin Hilderbrand is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and the Iowa Writers Workshop. She has lived on Nantucket for 25 years and is the mother of three teenagers. THE PERFECT COUPLE is her twenty-first novel.

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66 thoughts on “SUMMER of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand – SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY

  1. Hard decision as to what my favorite read of hers is since they are all good and I’ve read them all. I’d have to say The Perfect Couple since it’s her first mystery.

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  2. That’s a hard question! I’ve read most of her books and loved most of the ones I’ve read. I love the Winter Street series, but I can’t narrow it down to just one book!

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  3. I had no idea this was a historical fiction novel! That’s my favorite genre! I have not read any of her novels yet, but would love to read this one!

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  4. I read and love all of Elin Hilderbrand’s books, but if I had to choose a favorite it would have to be Barefoot. Can’t wait to read this one!

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  5. I have not read too many of her books but enjoyed The Perfect Couple. I have read great reviews of this book and would love to read it. Thanks for the chance

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  6. OMG “The Perfecct Couple” was by far the best Elin book in my opinion!
    I LOVED all the twists and turns.
    It was still the typical Elin Nantucket beach read that I love but with so much drama that worked!
    Hope she writes more like this.

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  7. I have two of her books but haven’t read them yet. Then this caught my eye🥰🥰🥰. I graduated in 1969 so I have to read this book. I would love to win this one. Thanks for the chance!!!


  8. I have read your books because I remember your name but I am not good with titles. I would have to look at the cover and introduction. Looking forward to reading the Summer of 69.

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  9. I haven’t read all of them yet, but I really enjoyed Beautiful Day. Nantucket is such a beautiful setting for any book. Each book is like a visit there. Looking forward to the new one. 💕

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  10. The Matchmaker! I would so love to read Summer of 69 since that’s the year my parents were married. 50th anniversary this fall. 💑 Thank you!


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