MONTAUK by Nicola Harrison – GIVEAWAY


I was thrilled to see a novel written about one of my old summer stomping grounds. And then to find out it’s written by a former writing workshop friend from the Southampton Writer’s Conference, I was beside myself. Written by debut author, Nicole Harrison, MONTAUK (St.MartinsPress) is a gem. It’s an ode to a very special locale and place in time.

It’s 1938 when Beatrice Bordeaux, raised middle class, marries into the wealthy Bordeaux family and her life completely changes. She divides her time between Manhattan and Long Island, spending all summer in the small but growing town of Montauk, located at the very tip of Long Island. Beatrice finds herself not fitting in. She hasn’t been able to become a mom, and her background is very different from the other ladies who summer in the isolated town.

Beatrice spends her first summer in Montauk on a journey of self-realization. While trying to discover the true essence of who she is, she’ll put herself at odds with her husband and his family.

Nicole’s novel is a luscious cinematic reading experience. As MONTAUK slowly unfolds sharing the beauty of the east end of Long Island; the gorgeous landscape, the famous lighthouse and the smell of the powerful Atlantic ocean. In additon to the beauty, there’s an ugliness between the locales and city people that cannot be ignored. It feels a bit Downton Abbey, but it’s rooted in the American folklore of the time.




Originally from Hampshire, England, Nicola Harrison moved to California when she was 14. She studied Literature at UCLA and received an MFA in creative writing at Stony Brook University. She is a member of The Writers Room and has short stories published in The Southampton Review and Glimmer Train as well as articles in Los Angeles Magazine and Orange Coast Magazine. She was the fashion and style staff writer for Forbes and had a weekly column at Lucky Magazine. Nicola is also the founder of a personal styling business, Harrison Style. She has spent many summers in Montauk and currently lives in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. This is her first novel.


Just found out we can do a giveaway. Just tell us what’s your favorite part of summer. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only, please

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30 thoughts on “MONTAUK by Nicola Harrison – GIVEAWAY

  1. My favorite part of Summer is longer days, the heat, and being able to be outdoors enjoying it! Love reading our in the sunshine and having a garden!

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  2. One of my favorite parts of summer, besides being able to lounge in the hammock, reading, is that a lot of the college students leave for the summer, making our college town a little quieter. 🙂

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  3. My favorite part of summer is sitting in chairs next to the ocean, and listening to the waves crashing in. Early morning before it gets hot and crowded. 😎🌅

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  4. Summer is my favorite season. I love the warmth, sitting outside in the backyard reading, going for walks in the foothills and the long days and balmy, lovely evenings.

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  5. Finding fresh produce stands off of the highways, in rual counties. It’s a staple of southern living, to stop and get all the summer fare, as well as fresh, homemade ice cream. 🤗

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  6. I feel a sense of renewal in the summer because the days are longer, and my depression lifts. I also love to sunbathe in my pool, even though I know too much sun is not good. But when something feels that good, it is hard to resist!

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