NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN by Peter Golden & Giveaway


Beloved author, Peter Golden’s new novel. NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN is about the  life-changing journey of a young man who travels from New Jersey to Khrushchev’s Russia and the beaches of Southern France to discover long-hidden secrets about his heritage.

In 1950s New Jersey, teacher Michael Daniels—or Misha Danielov to his doting Russian-Jewish grandmother—is at loose ends, until he becomes the host of a nightly underground radio show. Not only does the show become a local hit because of his running satires of USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev, but half a world away, it picks up listeners in a small Soviet city.

There, with rock and roll leaking in through bootlegged airwaves, Yulianna Kosoy—a war orphan in her mid-twenties—is sneaking American goods into the country with her boss, Der Schmuggler.

But just as Michael’s radio show is taking off, his grandmother is murdered. Why would anyone commit such an atrocity against such a warm, affable woman? She had always been secretive about her past and, as Michael discovers, guarded a shadowy ancestral history. In order to solve the mystery of who killed her, Michael sets out for Europe to learn where he—and his grandmother—really came from.

Peter Golden’s vivid picture of the cold war will have you hastily turning pages to connect the pieces. I’d pair two fingers of good scotch to enjoy while reading.

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About Peter Golden

Peter Golden is an award-winning journalist, novelist, biographer, and historian. He lives outside Albany, New York, with his wife and son. He is the acclaimed author of the novels Comeback Love, Wherever There Is Light, and now, Nothing Is Forgotten.


Thanks to TLC Book Tours, we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us which historical novel, you’ve read recently and what you think. We’ll choose a winner soon. God luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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25 thoughts on “NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN by Peter Golden & Giveaway

  1. My favorite recent historical fiction that I read was As Bright As Heaven. I accidentally posted the wrong comment above. I hope you can either delete it or disregard it.

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  2. The Atomic City Girls by J Beard was very interesting but when i talked to my mother in law, 95 yo, she explained a lot about the story that was fascinating .

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  3. The last historical fiction that I read was “The last year of the war” – It was the first time that I read WWII in German’s point of view: we read plenty of Nazism, Jewish persecution and concentration camps related to WWII, however, this book gives us another perspective by writing the ostracism suffered by the characters and her family in US as well as Germany.

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  4. The last historical fiction I read was Beyond The Point by Claire Gibson. It gave a peek into life at West Point and is a great story about lasting friendships.

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  5. I recently read GoldDigger:Baby Doe a Remarkable Woman. I put off reading this at first, I’m so glad I opened it! A incredible time period, the names dropped in it had me researching long after I read it. Not only was it entertaining, it was informative! Loved it!

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  6. I read mostly historical fiction. The last book I read was The Lost Girls of Paris and it is excellent. Pam Jenoff is one of my favorite authors.

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  7. I just finished “Where The Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. I loved it! You know it is a great book when you never want to put the book down and when you have to you can’t wait to pick the book back up!
    I have read a Peter Golden book before but it has been a while, I can’t wait to read this one!

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  8. My ancestors were Russian Jews, so I am especially interested in this book! I read a little bit of everything, including historical fiction. I recently enjoyed Beneath a Scarlet Sky,The Wartime Sisters,The Last Year of the War,The Huntress,The Lost Girls of Paris,The Only Woman in the Room, and Woman 99. Right now, I am reading a very different historical fiction based mystery called Death of a Rainmaker, which is about a murder that takes place in Oklahoma (The Dust Bowl) during a huge dust storm around the time if the Great Depression.

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  9. My most recent historical book I read was The Home for Unwanted Girls. It was an amazing, gut wrenching read. I just loved it.

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  10. I really enjoyed Daughters of the Night Sky. Before reading it I hadn’t realized that there were female military pilots that far back in history.

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