WHY WE LIE by Amy Impellizzeri & Giveaway


Is the truth always worth the cost?

Author – former BigLaw litigator and two-year D.C. federal court clerk, Amy Impellizzeri’s, WHY WE LIE (Wyatt-MacKenziePublishing) is a timely expose into the core of the #metoo movement in the legal/political realm. It’s a layered look at Washington’s politics and greed. Powerful men who have long been given a pass on criminal behavior, and victims have been discounted even within their closest circles roam the landscape of this novel.

Rising star politician and lawyer, Jude Birch, is clearly keeping secrets about his past from his wife. Jude has been the bystander of a seemingly gang-related shooting, but as the secrets kept since law school unravel–with the help of a zealous news reporter and the Capitol Police–his wife realizes he might not have been an unintended victim after all. Meanwhile, she makes every effort to clamp down a past marked by abuse and lies, and even a false accusation that still haunts her.

Impellizerri’s corrupt and lying characters are well constructed and memorable. It’s one of those stories that could have been ripped from the headlines. Politics and lies – can’t have one without the other.




My name is Amy and I am a writer, a lawyer, and a mother of three.

Which tells you everything.

And nothing at all.

After spending thirteen years as a corporate litigator in New York City, I left to write and advocate for working women, and eventually women entrepreneurs, as VP, Community & Designer Relations for ShopFunder LLC.

My first novel, “Lemongrass Hope,” debuted in October 2014, as an Amazon best-seller (Romance/Fantasy and Romance/Time Travel) and now I’m a full-time writer, even though it looks like I’m eavesdropping on people at the local coffee shop. Just kidding, I am eavesdropping.

My sophomore novel, “Secrets of Worry Dolls,” released on December 1, 2016 and was named a Bronze Winner in the INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards (Multi-cultural Category) (YAY!) My third novel, “The Truth About Thea,” released on October 17, 2017, is a Francis Ford Coppola Books & Bottles inaugural pick, and a National Indie Excellence Award Winner (Legal Thriller).

I also have a non-fiction book published by the American Bar Association called “Lawyer Interrupted” – a how-to guide for leaving the practice of law – something about half of all lawyers want to do. Who knew?

I am the Past President of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, and a proud member of the TALL POPPY WRITERS – a community whose tagline says it all: “Bright Authors, Smart Readers, Good Books.” Come hang out with Tall Poppy Writers and Readers in our amazing online book community called BLOOM.

I am a frequent speaker across the country, a 2018 Writer-In-Residence at Ms.-JD.org, and a creative writing workshop instructor in my home base of Reading, Pennsylvania. (pronounced RED-DING, but still, perfect, no?)

I am eternally grateful for my family, my friends, and the recent research confirming that large amounts of coffee are indeed good for you (& me!)


Thanks to Amy we have one copy to giveaway. Just tell us the last lie you told. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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32 thoughts on “WHY WE LIE by Amy Impellizzeri & Giveaway

  1. I told my hubby the other day when he called that I was cleaning when I was really soaking in the tub reading!! Shhh!!!! Don’t tell him🤫

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  2. That I was feeling fine and really I didn’t feel fina at all. I had just had a tooth extracted that previously had a root canal and the post broke and couldn’t be repaired. I don’t normally lie and consider this a “white lie”. Does it count??????

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  3. I rarely tell a lie, I’m very honest. So the last lie I told might have been to my granddaughter when she asked for something. I probably said ‘later’, or ‘’I have to ask your mom first’ .

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  4. I rarely lie. I dislike lies. I have told little lies here and there, but I’m not even good at lying. Most people don’t want the truth, though. Just my opinion.


  5. When I said it didn’t matter where we ate for dinner when it did because I really wanted Mexican food!


  6. I say I’m fine, but really feel awful from back problems (waiting to be fixed). I just don’t want to talk about it.


  7. I try not to tell my elderly mother any type of bad news. She gets overly upset and excitable, even if someone has a cold. My last lie was probably something I omitted telling her.


  8. I am trying hard not to lie anymore – used to have little ones flow out easily. Also trying to be considerate and nice – gosh it’s hard!


  9. It is always best to tell the truth. That is the true Christian way to live. Thank you for this chance to win Why We Lie which is on my reading list.


  10. Honesty is the best policy, because you’ll usually get caught, but…….last night I told someone on the phone it wasn’t me and they assumed they had the wrong #.


  11. To tell you the truth I’m not much as a lier, I don’t like them, maybe a few innocent white lies from time to time. 😉


  12. I’d say that I’m honest to fault and never lie, like everyone wants to believe, but the truth is that I lie to myself every now and then when I tell myself that “I do not want that chocolate.” LIAR! lol


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