A girl emerges from the woods, starved, ill, alone…and collapses.

In Sonja Yoerg’s new novel, TRUE PLACES (LakeUnionPublishing), we meet Suzanne Blakemore who is completely over-stressed. She’s had it with her smart-mouthed daughter, silent son and otherwise over-planned perfect life. So rather than continuing her day of obligations and errands, she starts driving and driving and driving some more. On the remote Blue Ridge Parkway she encounters a young girl who obviously has been living in the woods. As she’s driving young Iris to the hospital, she has no idea how her life is about to change.

Authorities have no luck trying to find relatives of Iris, so Suzanne invites her into her bubble of perfection and privilege.  But soon Suzanne realizes her life isn’t so perfect, after all. Her daughter is rebelling, her son is more withdrawn and her husband is completely oblivious. At first, Iris is intrigued by the lifestyle the Blackmores represent, but that soon ends. She misses her independence and is disgusted by their materialism.

In her novel, Sonja Yoerg does what she does best. Sonja digs deep into each character, revealing their positive characteristics and flaws, while putting on display, everything these people represent – good and bad. We the reader can’t help but recognize ourselves in one or several of the complex individuals we’re introduced to. This is definitely another fabulous novel by Sonja that readers must get their hands on  – NOW!



I’m a first-generation American, raised in Stowe, Vermont. My father taught skiing and tennis. My mother had been a school teacher and encouraged my sister, my brother and me to read and read and read. It stuck.

As a teenager, I waitressed at the Trapp Family Lodge to earn my college tuition. Maria Von Trapp gave me a cuckoo clock for my sixteenth birthday!

I earned my B.S. in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and my Ph.D. in Biological Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley.

(Learn more about my career in animal behavior and about my book on animal intelligence, CLEVER AS A FOX. )

I started writing full-time when my daughters were heading to college. My husband and I recently moved from the San Francisco Bay Area (the setting for my debut novel) to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. The background photo for this website is the view from our new property. It’s a lot like Vermont. We have been remodeling a 1920’s farmhouse, and I’ve posted some photos here.

My debut novel, HOUSE BROKEN, was released in January 2015, followed by MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE in September 2015. My latest novel, ALL THE BEST PEOPLE, was published on 2 May 2017.

Links to my other writing can be found here.

Thanks to Sonja, we have one copy of TRUE PLACES to giveaway. Just tell us if you’ve ever questioned what you think is important to you and made a change. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2019!

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29 thoughts on “TRUE PLACES by Sonya Yoerg & GIVEAWAY

  1. I frequently question what I think to be important. Especially now, with not so great health and aging. However, changing is difficult. And I’m not really sure I would want to.

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  2. I’m in a stage right now where I’m constantly questioning what is important to me and how to move forward in a way that supports it. I don’t have an answer yet but 2019 will definitely be a year of change.

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  3. I definitely question things more now that I’m older. Things I didn’t think was important in my teens now has me questioning decisions I’ve made and have to make changes to.

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  4. I have questioned the racism that runs deep in the south. I used to ignore racial slurs and remarks. Now anytime I hear someone say something inappropriate I let them know it’s offensive. Recently someone made the remark the certain men of color have the same opportunities as white men but they are lazy. I said no they don’t in this area. I wish there was a way to end this type of behavior.

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  5. I changed a great deal over the past 6 years due to life threatening medical issues. This serious interlude made my life entirely different and questioning what was important in life was definitely on my mind constantly.

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  6. I am constantly questioning my decisions. I try to change what I can and what I can’t I live with. Thank you for the chance.

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  7. I am always questioning what I think is important. I believe that as our lives move along what is important to us is constantly changing. Except for the importance of family, my family is and always has been the most important thing in my life.

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  8. In life, it is often I am face with certain circumstances or situations where I have to make a decision out of several options, that I think is the best option then… And yes, sometimes it is a huge decision as in life changing, and I will stick snd deal with it because it is my choice.

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  9. Questioning why I respond in certain ways is something I do to figure out how to improve. I try to question others to see if I can figure out why they do things the way they do. Just trying to learn every day so I can be a better person.

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  10. We downsized about 4 years ago to a much smaller house. It was hard to do, especially with 2 kids, but it helped us to let go of a lot of unnecessary material possessions.

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  11. Definitely, then turn it over, sleep on it, whatever one needs to do, then the answer comes!! Proceed with necessary change 👍☀️😀

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  12. I’m questioning all the time. Can’t change choices made in the past, but I want to look more closely now at the choices I make. I want to pick what is best for me and what will make me happy, but there are always consequences to consider.

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  13. I question things sometimes, but sometimes I can be scared of change. Luckily I have an amazing family and support system that are always more than willing to help if I need to make a change in anything!

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