** ANNE CLERMONT celebrates the holidays with us ** GIVEAWAY **



“If you’re still crying in a corner because you miss Seabiscuit (raise hand), this book is for you.” -Popsugar

We fell in love with author, Anne Clermont and her novel, LEARNING TO FALL (Sparkpress).

In LEARNING TO FALL, Brynn honors her passion for horses by studying at the toughest veterinary program in the country. Months from graduating, tragedy strikes—tragedy for which she can’t help but feel responsible. Brynn feels suffocated by the weight of her father’s legacy and his dusty hopes for horse show jumping success. When Brynn’s frenetic efforts to dig the family business out of debt fail, she’s down to one desperate hope.


Anne Clermont is both an unlikely author and an obvious one. Running a 75-horse equestrian center with her husband, while raising two young daughters, doesn’t leave much time for reading novels, let alone writing them.

But there was something about living in the mountains of the San Francisco Bay Area and the magic of horses that has inspired her – not just now, but ever since her first trail ride at the age of sixteen – to write down her unique perspective on the world.

And we readers are all the better for Anne sharing her story in LEARNING TO FALL.


Anne took time to share some Holiday cheer!

1.       What is your favorite Holiday? Christmas!
Christmas Stocking Fireplace Decoration Ideas 53 - Robinsuites.co with regard to Christmas Stockings Fireplace
2.       What do you love about the Holidays? I love families and friends coming together to express their appreciation for each other and the gifts we’ve received in this world. Even though I’m not as religious as I used to be, I like to be reminded of the story of Jesus and Mary and Joseph, and everything they had to overcome. I like rejoicing in Jesus’s birth, and hope for a wonderful future.
3.       What is your fondest Holiday memory? Ahh… I think after having our two daughters I just loved when they were young the excitement and joy of waking up on Christmas morning. Since I’m Polish, I also love the tradition of dressing up, the beautiful Christmas Eve dinner my mom puts on, and opening presents with them – even if they were just babies.
4.       What are your wishes for 2019? I really hope the world unites, and sees that we are all similar. That we all have wants and needs and only wish for the best for our children and future generations.



Born in Kraków and raised outside of Toronto, Anne holds a Baccalaureate in Science degree with specialized honors in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph in Canada, and an MBA from Saint Mary’s College of California.


We’re lucky to have a signed copy of LEARNING TO FALL for one winner. Just tell us your thoughts about horses and the whole equestrian experience. I love watching the jumpers.

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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20 thoughts on “** ANNE CLERMONT celebrates the holidays with us ** GIVEAWAY **

  1. I haven’t been around horses very much. I think they are beautiful. I had the opportunity to ride one when I was a teenager. My aunt and uncle had a ranch. I loved riding the horse.

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  2. My grandpa had a farm and we would visit him every summer. They had a pony that a friend of theirs would bring over and we would ride it. Horses are beautiful animals. I would love the chance to read the book.

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  3. My stepsister raised minature horses. I love them but they are a lot of work. I have only ridden a horse once. That is the most experience that I have had. Thank you for the chance.

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  4. I really enjoy horseback riding and being around horses. My stepdaughter had a horse and we did a lot of riding together. I also like reading about horses, book sounds like a great read.

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  5. I remember that I rode on a horse twice and it was an unique experience! Horses are spiritual and have sensitive sense that we connect a lot with them. Happy holidays!

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  6. When I was about 7 years old, my parent took me to this park that had horses for people to take pictures with them – that was the one and the only one time I was on the back of a horse. I think horses are beautiful and great companions, especially for kids with special needs..


  7. Like a lot of teenage girls, I dreamt of owning horses one day. But I didn’t just dream that. I added in that those horses had to be in Australia. As the saying goes, go big or go home. I just stayed home.


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