THE BELLMAN’S SECRET by Heidi Barnes & Giveaway



Stan’s the man at the historic, stately Maycliff Inn on the picturesque coast of Maine. He’s the bellman in charge of … everything.

Heidi Barnes second novel, The Bellman’s SECRET (Rarebird) continues the adventures of Stan Douglas, in THE BELLMAN. Stan’s a teenager who left home in the late 1980’s to find his fortune and ended up working in the Maycliff Inn. THE BELLMAN’S SECRET celebrates coming of age, workplace pranks, and the joy and pain of being young and in love.

Stan makes sure Mrs. Butterfield’s dog, Pickering is walked, fed and overall, treated with TLC. He confirms the preppy-four led by an orange-clad, Branson are stocked up with Moet Chandon and a New Zealand mate has his beer buzz on. Stan ensures Ms. Malone has a discreet suite to run her “business.” He checks on Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, as well as Dr. and Mrs. Bernstein most-interesting connection. Unschooled in relationships and naïve about girls, Stan is caught up in trying to pursue his first love, Mindy, whose love/hate/indifferent behavior baffles him while simultaneously juggling the quirky needs of the revolving door of eccentric Inn guests – all, while making sure his boss, Mrs. Lyncott doesn’t give him his walking papers.

At two-hundred pages, it’s a quick fun read and it couldn’t be situated in a more beautiful location: on the Maine coast at Bar Harbor. I hope it gets the marketing and buzz it deserves! Readers don’t want to miss a stay at the The Maycliff.



Heidi Barnes ran her family’s Bar Harbor, Maine Inn for years, which inspired THE BELLMAN and THE BELLMAN’S SECRET. She has lived around the world, including Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Canada – and now, resides in Los Angeles. She enjoys outdoor activities, loves animals and is a devoted mother of three. THE BELLMAN’S SECRET is her second novel.

Thanks to BookExpo and RAREBIRD publishing, we have copies of THE BELLMAN and THE BELLMAN’S SECRET to giveaway. Just tell us a story about staying at an Inn or hotel. We’ll announce winners soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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20 thoughts on “THE BELLMAN’S SECRET by Heidi Barnes & Giveaway

  1. For my fortieth birthday we went to NYC. We partied so hard in the hotel and unfortunately left it with chocolate cake on the rug from a food fight that the four of us had . We left a really good tip though to make up for it. It was the most fun time!

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  2. We stayed at the Christmas Inn in Pigeon Forge for a marriage retreat and it was such a beautiful place and it stays decorated all year long.

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  3. Once, my husband and I stayed in a hotel in a very good location (right in front of the beach) then, we realized that the bathroom wasn’t in a separate room but right next to our bed. So, actually our hotel room wasn’t as good as we have imagined lol
    Thanks for the chance!

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  4. This looks really good. When we traveled through the New England states, we visited Lancaster County. My husband had registered us at a big chain hotel. After one night there, we decided to switch to a local bed and breakfast. I can’t recall the name. I think it was Greystone. Anyway, what a big difference it made. Our children loved it. The highlight was the fireflies at night. They were fascinated. We had a wonderful time visiting there.

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  5. A couple years ago my oldest son and his fiance moved to Vermont. My husband and I decided to go visit them. They have pets and I’m terribly allergic so we decided to stay in a lovely little B & B nearby. We’d never stayed in one before. Everything was so quaint and inviting and they even had a library. The breakfasts were better than any restaurant. And the view was one I’ll never forget. It was such an awesome experience that we have done it each year since.

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  6. we stayed at an awesome historic hotel in Louisville, KY. the restaurant we ate at was downstairs; food was delicious. really enjoyed it.

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  7. Thanks for this chance!! When we went to Las Vegas for s wedding we booked in advance at The Four Seasons at a special rate!!! When we got there we got upgraded to a suite. I’m not kidding!!! It was amazing, wonderful and for the first couple hours I wouldn’t let my husband unpack because I couldn’t believe we got to stay there!!!

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  8. I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast Inn at Cape Cod many years ago and met one of my best friends for life. Also, I remember the breakfasts were great!

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  9. On a trip through Ireland back in late 80’s, I got to stay in various B&Bs to Inns to hotels to even A Castle or two… trip of a lifetime, one of my favs, heck they all were but I want to mention The Cashel House Inn!!

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  10. We stayed at a lovely hotel located on Rue Saint-Jean in Old Quebec City. So many places to see that were all in walking distance.

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  11. We stayed at a Hotel 🏢 once because my 3 yrs old son was having surgery about 2 hrs away and we didn’t want to have to get up at 3 am to get there and there was a Bad Snow ❄ Storm 🌬 happening that night and the next day
    Well it was actually a motel (every room has an outside door 🚪) in the morning 🌄 when we got up there was a 1/2 ” of snow about 2 ft into the room came under the door 🚪
    Good thing we all cuddled up in the same bed 🛌 and stayed warm
    Thanks for the chance 😍🍯🐝😍

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  12. During a vacation in FL, a tropical storm came in. We had to stay inside the whole day. It was very dark outside. The hotel had games and movies for the kids to keep them busy

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  13. I worked at a motel for a while, and I can tell you that when I stay somewhere now, I definitely leave a good tip. Too many people have no respect for the employees!

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  14. Staying at an old and beautiful hotel while on vacation in Mtl. was an experience of a lifetime. Such a historic and unique place situated downtown. The best ever which was unforgettable.

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  15. My Friends and I stayed at the Albergo Allegria Bed & Breakfast Hotel upstate In Windham NY and they had the most delicious blueberry pancakes I have ever eaten!!! Hope to make it back there again!

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