RIVER BODIES by Karen Katchur & Giveaway



Parade.com calls Karen Katchur’s new novel, RIVER BODIES (Thomas&Mercer) one of the ten spooky books you must read this fall. Since I just finished reading RIVER BODIES, I can tell you it’s definitely a thriller that’ll keep you flipping through the pages, while creeping you out. Oh yeah, happy day-after-Halloween!

Becca Kingsley moved across the Delaware River so she wouldn’t just be known as the chief of police’s daughter.Β  But in a small town where darkness hides in plain sight, the truth could change Becca’s life — or end it.

A body turns up in the small town of Portland, Pennsylvania and it’s similar to a twenty-year-old cold case. Detective Parker Reed is determined to connect the two, but no one in town wants to talk. In fact, they’re just as determined not to help out in any way.

The past meets the present when BeccaΒ  returns to Portland, to be with her estranged dying father and she runs into Parker, her childhood love. Since she grew up with cop-dar, Becca’s quickly drawn into the case.

She starts questioning all her past relationships, including the one closest to her. For the first time, she wonders if he’s more predator than protector.

RIVER BODIES is the first in Katchur’s new “Northampton County” series. The book is told from various points of view, which add up to a psychological thriller, both character and plot driven. Much like the Delaware River, which is a character in this novel, I felt an undercurrent of unease while reading RIVER BODIES. I can understand why people.com calls it one of the spooky books you must read this fall. I had an unsettled tummy while reading. Ultimately, I don’t know if that’s really good or bad —



Karen Katchur is an award-winning suspense novelist with a bachelor of science in criminal justice and a master’s in education. She lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two children.


Thanks to Thomas & Mercer, we have one copy of RIVER BODIES to giveaway. Just tell us what you find spooky. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only please.

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32 thoughts on “RIVER BODIES by Karen Katchur & Giveaway

  1. Driving alone at night with no street lights. I am totally spooked by looking in the rear view mirror and seeing only blackness. (LOL I lived in the country for years and am still traumatized.)

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  2. Spooky is strange phenomenon such as animals whose nighttime howls never end, strong winds which go on for days and ghost like images.

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  3. The thing that has scared me most over the years is the book The Stranger Beside Me. It made me realize that the boogie man does exist & looks just like the guy next door.


  4. I can get very spooked when reading a great murder mystery and I love it!! Thanks for chance!


  5. I don’t like scary movies (or haunted houses!) I used to enjoy being scared when I was young. Now, I’m afraid I’ll have a heart attack! πŸ™‚

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  6. My husband and I bought a 1935 cottage. It comes with lots of noises. We’ll be downstairs when we hear noises upstairs. I’m always spooked by what makes the noises.


  7. Walking in to a spider web at night. I also get spooked when I leave my little dog out at night and hear something I’m not sure what it is. Animal, person???


  8. Dark streets with no lights spook me and those reality ghost shows on TV when I am alone at night.


  9. Walking outside at night when the moon isn’t very bright. We live in the country so you never know what critters may be hanging out. ….and yucky snakes – big, small, I hate them all! I’m dying to read this book!


  10. Walking thru the backyard at night before the motion detector goes on
    I don’t want to encounter any raccoons or skunks or whatever is lurking out there.


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