DEAD GIRLS by Alice Bolin & Giveaway


Bestselling author, Megan Abbott calls Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession  (WilliamMorrow) “Bracing and blazingly smart, Alice Bolin’s Dead Girls could hardly be more needed or more timely. A critical contribution to the cultural discussion of gender and genre, Los Angeles and noir, the unbearable persistence of the male gaze and the furtive potency of female rage.”

Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American Obsession by author, Alice Bolin, is a collection of essays interrogating the outsize place of murdered women in American stories. So many TV dramas begin with the body of a dead girl, and eager fans devour piles of true crime books, podcasts, and TV shows.

This collection is also about how this obsession is related to other constants of American culture, especially the women who escape the Dead Girl’s fate, surviving long enough to become icons. Essays contemplate Twin Peaks, Britney Spears, the cemeteries of Los Angeles, teenage werewolves, Toni Morrison, and Joan Didion, all set against a back drop of the wilderness and cities of the American West.

Part cultural criticism and part memoir, Alice Bolin attempts to understand how she’s been both the target and the accomplice of a culture that prefers dead women to living ones.

(Summary: Courtesy William Morrow)

Alice Bolin does a phenomenal job grabbing readers by the throats and explaining how women play in the media and in their own lives. I really didn’t know what to expect going into DEAD GIRLS, but I came out the other side shocked by how society is obsessed with violence against women in a variety of perspectives. It’s actually kind of sickening. DEAD GIRLS is a poignant look at true crime and crime fiction against women. You won’t finish this book without being changed in some way.



  1. Alice’s words ….

Hi! I’m Alice Bolin, and I’m a writer who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. I currently teach creative nonfiction in the MFA program at the University of Memphis.

I mostly write longish-form critical essays about literature, music, and pop culture. Some special areas of interest are murder, country music, makeup, social media, poetry, and twentieth century women writers. You can read my essays here.

I received my MFA in poetry from the University of Montana, and I have also published a lot of poems and stories. I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Is that interesting? (VERY. Cindy’s words…)

Follow me on Twitter; I am always online.

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Thanks to TLC Book Tours and William Morrow, we’re lucky to have one copy of DEAD GIRLS to giveaway. Just tell us your thoughts on the synopsis of this book. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck!

GIVEAWAY USA only, please.

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12 thoughts on “DEAD GIRLS by Alice Bolin & Giveaway

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t say I found this book nearly so eye-opening! I tend to agree with the author that the shows she describe reflect misogyny in our culture, but I don’t think her one-off examples made that point very well. I’d have really liked some statistics – for instance, I bet the number of murder victims in TV shows who are women is way higher than it is in real life! – instead of just anecdotes to make her point. As is, I just felt like reflected my own perspective back at me without making a good argument for it.


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