Molly dusts off her pride and heads out to a CRAZY LITTLE TOWN CALLED LOVE (PandaMoonPublishing) in the second book in Jill Hannah Anderson’s series, THE TO HELL AND BACK CLUB. Nick single-handedly implodes their six-year relationship, forcing Molly to make some huge lifestyle changes. With no real career or boyfriend and a big fat mortgage to pay, Molly decides to downsize. She changes everything and buys a General Store willed to her mother. At thirty-two, Molly leaves behind the Twin Cities and her one BFF to start a new life out in the sticks. No sweat, huh?

Well it takes no time for the locals to realize they’ve got a city-slicker in town, but she does have a local connection so that makes it somewhat easier. First step is to bring “Love’s General Store,” affectionately known as “Rosie’s,” after her dead mom’s “mom,” up to working order. She needs to do some fixing up and painting as well as getting eatable food on the shelves. Of course, we have a male, that turns her life into a living hell, while looking absolutely delicious.

Much like her first novel, THE TO HELL AND BACK CLUB, Jill has a special gift for creating characters readers like, and story lines we can relate to. CRAZY LITTLE TOWN CALLED LOVE is like midwest comfort food, perhaps a nice hot plate with a nice bottle of merlot. There’s nothing too heavy or controversial, just people not getting along due to a bunch of misunderstandings and eventually the girl gets the guy, or is it, the guy gets the girl?

I can’t help but get the feeling after reading Jill’s novels, that she’s read a lot of fellow-Minnesotan, Lorna Landvik. And that’s a very good thing!



Born in California, Jill Hannah Anderson lived everywhere from the Azore Islands to Florida. After her dad left the Air Force, the family settled in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she lived until she graduated from high school. Voted “Most Imaginative” in high school, Jill assumed everyone else looked at life with “What If ” questions too. She’s often told that she asks too many questions, but finds it a great way to learn about people.

Jill lives on a lake in a small town in Central Minnesota with her husband in their empty nest where they welcome their six adult children and an ever-increasing number of grandchildren when they come to visit.

Her first women’s fiction novel, The To-Hell-And-Back Club, was published last year.

She is a proud member of Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA). When she isn’t writing or reading, you’ll find her running, curling, biking, and enjoying time with family and friends.

Thanks to Jill, we have one signed copy to giveaway. Just tell us about if you’ve ever had to “start all over again?”

We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.

I also want to thank Jill for giving a shout out, to BluePointPress reviews. It’s fun to blog, but it’s really awesome when an author goes out of her their way to show appreciation for what reviewers do for them.

Giveaway: USA only please.

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28 thoughts on “CRAZY LITTLE TOWN CALLED LOVE by Jill Hannah Anderson & Signed GIVEAWAY

  1. No, haven’t had to start over. Had made choices and decisions to go in a different direction but luckily at my choice.

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  2. I had a bad event in my life and had to start over totally. All I had was the clothes I was wearing and a book. It was not easy and I have moments I miss things I had to leave behind but have to keep moving on.

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  3. The only start over I had was becoming a single parent when my son was five. I haven’t literally had to start over. This sounds like a great book. I’m adding The To Hell And Back and Crazy Little Town Called Love to my TBR list. Happy Friday!

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  4. Actually, yes I have had to start over again. It was a very hard time in my life when everything fell apart but I made it through it and looking back am surprised at just how strong I was to make it.

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  5. Yes, I have had to start over again after losing my husband to Kidney Cancer, I sold our house in Indiana & moved back to my hometown of Chicago. I now have an apartment & I live a mile & a half from my Son & his family. I miss my husband alot but I know he wanted me to go on with my life & things our going great. Thanks for this amazing chance.

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  6. yes. twice. once after a 19 year marriage ended. and other when i became ill, had to leave work, almost died, and went on disability… not easy but made it through.

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  7. Thank you, Cindy, for hosting a book giveaway for my second book, and especially for all the book love you spread to all readers!

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  8. Yes, went through a divorce and started over a year later with the same guy!!! Been married now 47 Years, so all worked out but very hard during the time of the divorce. Learning can be painful, forgiveness is everything❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  9. I am starting all over right now. In the process of a divorce, but I’m feeling very confident, and looking at the bright side. Hey at least my house stays spotless now. I am sad, but ready to start a new chapter in my life.

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  10. I had to start over when I got divorced. I had 2 young kids, a very demanding job & an ex who was no help at all. Fortunately, my kids & I made it through.

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  11. Serious and ongoing life threatening illness made my life a struggle but I managed to get through the trials and tribulations with no help at all from anyone and feel strong.

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  12. I’ve been waiting for Jill’s new book for several months now. She’s an awesome writer and I can’t wait to read her new book “Crazy Little Town Called Love”. 😁

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  13. Yes I had to start over with 2 kids and that was so hard I worked 3 jobs and was so lucky that 2 of them the kids could come and help or do homework. I managed to get thru it and married for 20 years then he passed. I then met a man in another state and kids are adults offered for them to come with me they wanted to stay so I moved to Iowa and have been married for 16 years I had heard about him for many many years so from his former mother in law stories weren’t good but I found him to be Perfect and if I wrote a book that is what I would call it.

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  14. I have definitely had to start over again. Several things were factors in causing me to start over. Thank you for the chance.

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  15. I haven’t, unless you count moving six times within 14 years, to cities where I didn’t know anyone (except my husband and daughter)!

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