** 4th FUN IN THE SUN ** 4th FUN IN THE SUN ** 4th FUN IN THE SUN **

Happy July 4th!

We’re giving away this GONE READING t-shirt… Just tell us why you LOVE reading! We’ll announce a winner soon!

gone reading

Good luck! Have a happy, healthy and safe 4th of July!


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26 thoughts on “** 4th FUN IN THE SUN ** 4th FUN IN THE SUN ** 4th FUN IN THE SUN **

  1. I love reading to get away from the real world. It helps me to travel to a different place and ‘meet’ new people.


  2. Dr.Seuss said it best, “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”


  3. You get to experience new adventures and places when you read and you don’t have to even leave your chair to do so!!!


  4. Reading gives me great enjoyment, pleasure and is my sole form of entertainment since it is meaningful and unforgettable. It allows me to travel, dream and learn.


  5. Reading allows me to travel to many places that I will never be able to, and to forget my cares for a while.


  6. I can escape, or get insight, or learn about a really interesting person. There is something perfect to read for every occasion


  7. Reading is my escape from adulting. It relaxes me and makes me forget all my everyday troubles. I love that reading can take me away to diffent places and times. Thank you for the chance.


  8. Why I love reading:
    I work alot and suffer with depression. Reading takes me away to an island, a small town, or a cabin in the woods at Christmas. Reading puts a smile on my face. It relaxes me and I just feel better reading.


  9. Reading relaxes me and allows me to escape reality for a while. And travel to places I’ll never see otherwise. Thanks for the chance.


  10. I love reading because it has been my # 1 hobby my whole life. Reading has been uplifting, entertaining, and educational. I love to read! I became a reading teacher as well as a librarian because I love reading and books so much!


  11. it is an inexpensive hobby that i can enjoy. i can read as much or little as i want to or whatever time permits.


  12. Besides being my favourite way to relax, I love to read to learn about new places, new ways of thinking about issues, and bonus if it requires tissues! lol


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