EVERY BODY HAS A STORY by Beverly Gologorsky & Giveaway



“Lena stands, as always, at the window in the train door gazing at the old East Bronx apartment buildings, the elevation not high enough to avoid glimpses into a grayness that can’t be altered by light bulbs.”

EVERY BODY HAS A STORY (Haymarket books) by author, Beverly Gologorky is a realistic look into lives many of us view from the fringe, but could easily become ours.

As the Great Recession and the foreclosure crisis hit, four close friends who barely made it out of poverty in New York City’s South Bronx, suddenly find themselves caught up in the economic maelstrom. Lena, Zack, Dory, and Stu must reconcile their troubled past with an uncertain future in Beverly Gologorsky’s stunning new novel, EVERY BODY HAS A STORY. A novel called, “a tapestry of working-class life in a world on the brink.”

What’s so compelling about EVERY BODY HAS A STORY is how unremarkable it is. There’s no hype. These are real people facing their reality the best they can. Gologorsky’s prose and story-telling is pithy, sharp and compassionate. Her ability to connect and put real people on the page is what is remarkable about this novel.

This book tells the story that anyone of us could be living, perhaps are living. I would argue it’s hard to read this book without becoming a little bit (more) compassionate. EVERY BODY HAS A STORY tells the story of people constantly  tested and on the point of breaking, trying to live their truth the best they can, without any sentimentality.



Beverly Gologorsky is the author of the acclaimed novels STOP HERE and THE THINGS WE DO TO MAKE IT HOME, named a Notable Book by the New York Times, Best Fiction by Los Angeles Times, and a finalist for the Barnes and Noble Discover Great Writers Award. Her work has appeared in anthologies and magazines, including the New York Times, Newsweek,The Nation, and the LA Times. Former editor of two political journals, Viet-Report and Leviathan, she is acknowledged in the publication Feminists Who Changed America. She lives in New York and Maine.

We’re fortunate to have one copy of EVERY BODY HAS A STORY to giveaway. Just tell us the last novel you read that “touched you” – made you think about your life. We’ll announce a winner soon. Good luck.


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24 thoughts on “EVERY BODY HAS A STORY by Beverly Gologorsky & Giveaway

  1. The last book that touched my life was The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah since I would have never been able to live off the grid in Alaska.

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  2. I can’t think of any book in particular. I do read many books about independent women. Women that travel by themselves and I wish I was one of them!!

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  3. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah , I saw the importance of family and the things they sacrifice for each other though it might not look that way!

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  4. The book that really touched me was One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. It was about the tragedy of 9/11. I cried from start to finish. It made me appreciate my life and loved ones a whole lot more.


  5. The Forgotten Ones by Steena Holmes was amazing. Rill is a strong women who survived much.


  6. Beauty in the Broken Places by Allison Pataki. I read this book just as my husband was going in for brain surgery. Thank you for the chance.


  7. The 5 People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom has stayed with me for years. It touched me in ways no other book ever did.


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