“The “Appalachian problem” doesn’t seem to me to be political, economic or social. I believe it is a spiritual problem and its name is greed.” OUR APPALACHIA: An Oral History, edited by Laurel Shackelford and Bill Weinberg

Today, we’re focusing on a very timely subject: Fracking. It affects more Americans in our country than we’re led to believe. And the health issues continue to rise. Is it happening near you?

In AMITY and PROSPERITY (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), the prizewinning poet and journalist Eliza Griswold tells the story of the energy boom’s impact on a small town at the edge of Appalachia and one woman’s transformation from a struggling single parent to an unlikely activist.  

Stacey Haney is a local nurse working hard to raise two kids and keep up her small farm when the fracking boom comes to her hometown of Amity, Pennsylvania. Intrigued by reports of lucrative natural gas leases in her neighbors’ mailboxes, she strikes a deal with a Texas-based energy company. Soon trucks begin rumbling past her small farm, a fenced-off drill site rises on an adjacent hilltop, and domestic animals and pets start to die. When mysterious sicknesses begin to afflict her children, she appeals to the company for help. Its representatives insist that nothing is wrong.

Alarmed by her children’s illnesses, Haney joins with neighbors and a committed husband-and-wife legal team to investigate what’s really in the water and air. Against local opposition, Haney and her allies doggedly pursue their case in court and begin to expose the damage that’s being done to the land her family has lived on for centuries. Soon a community that has long been suspicious of outsiders faces wrenching new questions about who is responsible for their fate, and for redressing it: The faceless corporations that are poisoning the land? The environmentalists who fail to see their economic distress? A federal government that is mandated to protect but fails on the job? Drawing on seven years of immersive reporting, Griswold reveals what happens when an imperiled town faces a crisis of values, and a family wagers everything on an improbable quest for justice.

(Synopsis courtesy: Farrar, Straus and Giroux)



Author, journalist, poet, writes for THE NEW YORKER.

Thanks to Farrar, Straus and Giroux, we have one copy of AMITY AND PROSPERITY TO GIVEAWAY. Just tell us what you know about fracking. We’ll announce a winner soon.  Good luck.

GIVEAWAY: USA only, please.


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10 thoughts on “AMITY AND PROSPERITY by Eliza Griwold & GIVEAWAY

  1. I am concerned with fracking. I believe that it will hurt the environment. It is being done in some many areas of the United States.

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  2. Fracking company tried to do this in my small town in nc. I had honestly never heard of it till they tried here. Our town and county government tried find ways to shut it down and I believe it worked. I believe they moved to another area to try there. It worries me how it damages the environment.


  3. I haven’t researched it extensively (or at all, really), but I think it’s dangerous for the environment and for people.


  4. i dont know much about it. heard that is can damage our water & possibly hurt surrounding environment.


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