PRESIDENT’S DAY by Seth Margolis, Interview & Giveaway


In Seth Margolis’ novel, PRESIDENT’S DAY (DiversionPublishing), readers are taken on a twisting, ferocious novel of suspense. The presidential race has a number of men all clawing to get to the top. Each man has a locked closet of secrets. And one man holds every key.

Julian Mellow has spent his life amassing a fortune out of low-risk / high-reward investments. But the one time in his life he got in over his head, he left another man holding the bag, and made an enemy for life, one who has nothing to lose. Now, Mellow has an even greater ambition–to select the next President of the United States–and to make that man do his bidding, in business and beyond.

It all ties to an African nation where his son died years before, where a brutal dictator still rules supreme, and where a resistance movement lurks in the alleys, waiting for the right time to strike. Margolis spans the globe to weave together a brilliant story of politics at its most venal, where murder is a part of the political process, where anyone’s life is up for sale, and where one man–that bad penny of an enemy–could bring the whole kingdom toppling.

As the new President is inaugurated, Seth Margolis has penned a perfect thriller for the voting public, one that asks who really puts the next person in the White House? And at what cost?

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About Seth Margolis

Seth Margolis lives with his wife in New York City and has two grown children. He received a BA in English from the University of Rochester and an MBA in marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business Administration. When not writing fiction, he is a branding consultant for a wide range of companies, primarily in the financial services, technology and pharmaceutical industries. He has written articles for the New York Times and other publications on travel and entertainment.

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We LOVE political intrigue here at Thoughts on This ‘n That and we were fortunate to have Seth answer some of our questions!

CR:  Your novels seem to tap into what is in the news … opioid epidemic, abusive relationships, child custody, crass materialism, serial killers and NOW politics. What could be more current and interesting….. 

SM:  Nice of you to say so! I actually began writing PRESIDENTS’ DAY long before you-know-who announced he was running for office.  And now that it’s published I’ve been accused of capitalizing on the news. I wish I could write a novel that fast! I’m a bit of a news junkie (now more than ever) so I guess I can’t help but write about what’s happening around me.

CR:  I was intrigued by the pitch, “murder is a part of the political process.” I know you’re writing fiction, but please elaborate.

SM:  I certainly don’t believe this … although politicians do “get away with murder” all the time. But if you look at the upcoming gutting of the Affordable Care Act, which health care professionals predict will lead to thousands and thousands of avoidable deaths, you do have to wonder if murder isn’t, in fact political. It’s just that politicians don’t kill each other (that I know of).

CR:  I also was struck by the phrase, “everyone is up for sale.” Do you believe that? Please elaborate.

SM:  Sorry to be so persistently political (though this is a political thriller we’re talking about), but it’s no secret that the soon-to-be-passed tax “reform” bill is really a “donor relief act” – the benefits overwhelming go to the mega-donor class, not the average citizen. Both political parties are vulnerable to the influence of money, however.

CR:  Do you think the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Citizens United will be overturned?

SM:  No idea.  But one of the few positive things to come out of the last election was the fact that money wasn’t, apparently, the deciding factor. Clinton far outspent Trump, and look what happened. I think social media may be the great antidote to the influence of money. It’s largely free and reaches many more people than paid TV ads. However, its very accessibility also leads to abuse (Russian fake news, Trump’s tweets, etc.).

CR:  Where do you see the Trump Administration heading? Do you think a political philosophy of “Trumpism” will endure?

SM::I don’t think there is a political philosophy behind Trump. It’s all about him, his family, his ego. As for where it’s heading … half the people I know think he won’t last through 2018. But I think that’s wishful thinking. We need to get used to him, if that’s possible.

CR:  What was it like to deal with Hollywood? Do you think “Presidents Day” is a project destined to being produced into a film?

SM::I’ve had three books optioned for film, and one of them, LOSING ISAIAH, was actually produced. I didn’t really “deal” with Hollywood, other than gratefully cashing a big check. Paramount hired its own screenwriter, and I had no say in how the film was shaped. I admired the film, so I’m certainly not complaining. But I can’t say I acquired any insights into the film-making process. As for PRESIDENTS’ DAY, I haven’t received any offers yet. But if you any producers, let them know I’m interested!

CR:  What are you writing now?

SM:  I’m working on a thriller loosely based on Othello. It takes place in contemporary New York City … and that’s all I can say for sure at this time.

Thank you, Seth for your time and sharing your insight. The novel is PRESIDENT’S DAY. Good luck!


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Thanks to Lisa at TLC Book Tours  for arranging this interview.


8 thoughts on “PRESIDENT’S DAY by Seth Margolis, Interview & Giveaway

  1. As he says, he has started writing this book long before you know who ran for president. This author has my vote. 🙂 I’d be happy to read this book.

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