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The HOLIDAYS have arrived and we’re doing something a little different on our blog. We’re featuring some of our favorite authors and finding out what they like best about the HOLIDAYS. We’re also hearing all about their latest projects.

Today we’re featuring Ann Garvin, author and creator of Tall Poppies, an on-line group for women writers. Ann wanted to create a place women authors and writers could communicate and she did just that with Tall Poppies. It’s a pretty awesome site.

How Ann began writing in her words:


Writers are observers and I’m the noisiest observer there ever was. It started when my parents packed-up my bossy, noisy, laugh-out-loud self and moved the family from Wyckoff, NJ to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Once there, I shut up, quit laughing and sat wide-eyed trying to figure out how to adapt. I watched every peculiar look I got, noticed every speech pattern, new colloquialism, and got a first-hand look at what it was like to be on the outside looking in. That’s the day I began thinking like a writer.


like you

In Ann’s most recent novel, I LIKE YOU JUST FINE WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND (GalleryBooks), Tig Monahan, radio therapist, finds out the hard way that nothing is fair in love and war….or family.

Everything is falling apart in psychologist, Tig’s life. Her mother’s dementia is wearing her out, her boyfriend takes off for Hawaii without her, and her sister inexplicably disappears leaving her newborn behind.

When a therapy session goes horribly wrong, Tig finds herself unemployed and part of the sandwich generation trying to take care of everyone and failing miserably. Just when she thinks she can redefine herself on the radio, as an arbiter of fairness, she discovers a family secret that nobody saw coming … especially Tig!



In, THE DOG YEAR (Berkley), Dr. Lucy Peterman was not built for a messy life. A well-respected surgeon whose patients rely on her warmth, compassion and fierce support, Lucy has always worked hard and trusted in the system. She’s not the sort of person who ends up in a Twelve-Step program after being caught stealing supplies from her hospital. But that was Lucy before the accident — before her husband and unborn baby were ripped away from her in an instant, before her future felt like a broken promise.  

Caught red-handed in a senseless act that kept her demons at bay, she’s faced with a choice: get some help, or lose her medical license. Now, she’s reluctantly sharing her deepest fears with a bunch of strangers, avoiding her loneliness by befriending a troubled girl, pinning her hopes on her husband’s last gift, and getting involved with a rugged cop from her past.

It’s only when she is adopted by a stray mutt and moves her group to the dog park that she begins to truly bond with the rag-tag dog-loving addicts—and discovers that a chaotic, unplanned life might be the  sweetest of all…



In Ann’s first novel, ON MAGGIE’S WATCH (Berkley), Maggie Finley has just returned to her beloved Wisconsin hometown, quirky best friend, and eccentric mother. Life should be good, but her marriage to Martin is suffering under the strain of a recent family tragedy and Maggie’s feeling pressed for time. Before the birth of her baby, she has to figure out how to take her high-anxiety-life down a notch or two.

True to her can do attitude, Maggie hires a compelling handy-man, resurrects a defunct Neighborhood Watch and inadvertently discovers a potential threat to her house and home living just around the corner. Choosing to investigate, despite the risk and her best friend’s advice to keep her nose out of it, Maggie sets her sites on discovering the stranger’s secret. As the mystery of the neighbor’s identity draws Maggie irresistibly in, her ordered life starts to unravel in surprising and hilarious ways.


All three of Ann’s books are currently available at:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | IndieBound | Penguin

So, now, about the Holidays.

CR: What is your favorite holidays?

AG: It used to be Halloween because chocolate (obvs) and dress-up (oh my gosh … love) but my kids are grown and so has my belly, so now I think my favorite holiday is Christmas. But, just the month of December – Christmas, in fact I think I just like December 22-26 and then I just want all the Christmas stuff to be boxed up. I love everything about those late early lead-up days and the magic of Church Service on Christmas eve. The morning with the family is so magical. If it goes on too long after, I get a little sad.


CR: What is the favorite gift you’ve ever given?

AG: Is it okay if I say dedicating my book to my kids and parents? By far it’s the most meaningful because it took time and love to write and you can’t buy those things in a store.

CR: Favorite gift you’ve received?

AG: When my parents moved to town to be with me when my kids were little. They have stayed even though Wisconsin Winters are terrible. It has been the greatest and most loving gift of all.


CR: Favorite holiday music?

AG: That song … “oh the weather outside is frightful.” Dean Martin, “Let it Snow,” which is a bummer because that song is not a healthy way to keep a woman close. It’s a bit stalker-ish, but I still love it.


(Dean Martin is the guy on the left)

CR: Favorite holiday meal and/or dessert?

AG: I literally could just eat stuff and cranberries. The rest is just side dishes. Oh wait, my mother made an apricot glazed pound cake that had rum in it. To die for.


CR: Message/wishes for 2018?

AG: I was empathy for the world. I want people to understand each other and see that we are a team. Team Earth. I want women and all minorities to feel cared for. Um … I think that is World Peace.

Indeed, we all wish for World Peace.

We are giving away several journals, so you can start 2018 off on a fresh sheet. Just tell us what your message/wishes are for 2018.

We’ll be announcing winners shortly after the New Year! Good luck!

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13 thoughts on “ANN GARVIN, author & TALLEST of the TALL POPPIES … giveaway

  1. My wish for everyone is happiness. Just find something positive in every situation (sometimes you have to look really hard, but it’s there) and smile. Be grateful. Be happy!

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  2. Wishing for good health and happiness. This was a really good interview-thank you for telling about authors we otherwise might not know about-Love this blog!

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  3. I enjoyed learning more about Ann Garvin. She is a new author to me. My wish for 2018 is that we can become a caring, kind nation. I’m concerned about the direction of our country right now.

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