KISS CARLO by Adriana Trigiani & GIVEAWAY


Mozzafiato! La vie Est Belle!

Luscious! Love it!

I absolutely fell in love with the cover of New York Times, bestselling author, Adriana Trigiani’s new novel, KISS CARLO (Harper). How can you not? Trigiani has written sixteen bestsellers, including the huge hit, THE SHOEMAKER’S WIFE. In interviews, she’s said, she believes KISS CARLO is her best writing ever. I’m new to her books and once I started reading, I was captivated by the Palazzini and DePino families.

It’s 1949, WWII is over and anything is possible. Dominic Palazzini and his three son’s businesses are flourishing. Family members are happy and healthy, grandchildren are on the way. But a decade old feud over an inheritance settlement between Dominic and his brother, Mike threatens to tear the families apart. Wives, children and cousins are all caught up in the drama.

At over five-hundred pages, KISS CARLO is an epic saga about Italian-American families: their love, loyalty, creativity and hope for lives of prosperity in the golden post-war environment. KISS CARLO blossoms with romance, as long-buried family secrets are revealed, mistaken identities are unmasked, scores are settled, broken hearts are mended and of course, true love conquers all. KISS CARLO is a jubilee highlighting the effervesce power of la famiglia.

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About Adriana Trigiani

Adriana Trigiani is the bestselling author of 17 books, which have been published in 36 countries around the world. She is a playwright, television writer/producer and filmmaker. She wrote and directed the film version of her novel Big Stone Gap, which was shot entirely on location in her Virginia hometown. She is co-founder of the Origin Project, an in-school writing program that serves more than a thousand students in Appalachia. She lives in Greenwich Village with her family.

Visit Adriana at her website:, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Thanks to HARPER and TLC Book Tours, we have one copy of KISS CARLO to giveaway. Adriana has written seventeen novels, including KISS CARLO. Just tell us which one is your favorite and why. We’ll announce a winner next week.

FYI KISS CARLO has been chosen Costco’s July pick of the month.





29 thoughts on “KISS CARLO by Adriana Trigiani & GIVEAWAY

  1. I agree, Cindy- that cover!!! My favorite will always be Big Stone Gap. My uncle is from that area, and that book is super special!

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  2. I love all of Adriana’s novels. They are memorable and wonderful. My favorite is Very Valentine. Kiss Carlo would be a treasure to enjoy.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I loved All The Stars in the Heavens. I’m a big movie buff so I enjoyed the story line with Clark Gable and Loretta Young. Tinsel Town’s golden age!!! I have told many people about this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is the most anticipated book on my TBR list. I’m a long time fan of Adriana’s books. Particular favorites (I can’t list just one) are the Big Stone Gap series and All The Stars In The Heavens. Thanks for the chance Cindy.

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  5. I have been hearing a lot about this book lately. Even Kathie Lee Gifford said how good it was. I haven’t had the chance to read ony of her books yet. I would love this to be my first one. Thanks for the chance to win it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kathie Lee was probably talking about it because it’s been chosen Costco’s pick of the month.


  6. I am new to Miss Trigiani but I love to “meet” new authors. I have heard nothing but fabulous things about this book! 😊


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