ROYALLY ROMA The Royals Volume: 1 by Teri Wilson & GIVEAWAY



“There was a prince in my bed.”

Every once in a while it’s nice to read a simple happy love story. Boy meets girl, they have a few problems, but in the end, “they live happily ever after.”

Teri Wilson has delivered such a delicious treat with, ROYALLY ROMA (PocketStarBooks). It’s the first novel in her new trilogy featuring the lovely American Julia Costa and Nicollo La Torre, Crown Prince of Lazaretto. Before even getting into the story, readers are greeted by a delightful cover featuring bubble gum colors! It’s too much fun and gets you in the mood for what’s between the pages.

Julia has left scandal behind in America to study for her PhD in Rome. She takes a job with the “When in Rome Touring Company,” schlepping tourists on private tours. She zips around Rome on her Vintage, a.k.a. old and barely functional, Vespa scooter. It’s not the perfect job, but she gets to live and indulge in the “Eternal City.”

One day, Julia shows up early at a posh hotel expecting to meet a client. Her eyes lock on those of an attractive man, overly dressed, but alone and appearing to be waiting for someone. Unknowingly, that man is the Crown Prince of Lazaretto who has had about all he can take of being a royal. He’s had a few drinks and is trying to think of how he can get out of his royal duties for the day. Julia thinks he’s her client, he plays along and they end up leaving together not knowing who the other really is.

Well, a lot can happen in a day, while enjoying the sights in the romantic city of Rome, and it does between Julia and her prince. ROYALLY ROMA is a delightful modern take on the classic Audrey Hepburn film, “Roman Holiday.” Author Teri Wilson is clearly having fun retelling the tale and readers will to. The writing is light, bright and moves along at a good pace. It’s a romantic comedy, so you know what to expect, but Wilson delivers the story with her unique sense of child-like awe.


Teri Wilson is a romance novelist for Harlequin Books and Gallery/Pocket Star. She is also a contributing writer at HelloGiggles, a lifestyle and entertainment website founded by Zooey Deschanel and now a division of People Magazine. Teri is the author of UNLEASHING MR. DARCY, now a Hallmark Channel Original Movie. ROYALLY ROMA is the first in a trilogy. She loves books, travel, animals and dancing every day.

We have one copy of ROYALLY ROMA to giveaway. Just tell us who the Prince is in your life and why. We’ll announce a winner Monday.


11 thoughts on “ROYALLY ROMA The Royals Volume: 1 by Teri Wilson & GIVEAWAY

  1. MY PRINCE IS THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL!! …..MY HUSBAND, KEVIN, MY BABE! What all does he do? He shops, cooks, cleans, does laundry, works full-time, and even picks up my library books? MY SWEETHEART, MY HANDSOME PRINCE! WHY? HE LOVES ME AND I ABSOLUTELY ADORE HIM! ❤😙 I have had Chronic Fatigue for 15 years and can’t do everything that I used to do. I know how fortunate I am to have MY PRINCE CHARMING! The LOVE OF MY LIFE; EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, AND FOREVER AFTER, TOO! 🌞💜💙📖☕🌻📚😙🌛

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  2. The prince(s) in my life are my husband, my two sons and my two grandsons. Each one of these men and boys means the world to me. Each one brings something special to my life. How can I pick just one?

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