SWEET LAKE by Christine Nolfi & GIVEAWAY



We were thrilled to catch up with author, Christine Nolfi, Tuesday as part of Lake Union Publishing Author’s Twitter Party. Christine along with over 3 dozen Lake Union Authors were tweeting away about what’s up with their careers and we were able to get some dish. Well, actually, not too much. But, we were able to learn she’s hard at work on the third book in her new, “Sweet Lake” series being published by Lake Union. Here’s a peek at part one, SWEET LAKE which has recently been published.

Enduring female friendships. Small-town second chances.

Fair or not, everyone in Sweet Lake, Ohio is counting on Linnie Wayfair to single-handedly turn the town around. They’re expecting Linnie to tap into her business know-how and make Sweet Lake once again, a must stop for tourists visiting Ohio. Of course, none of them seem to be worried about all the pressure that’s putting on her.

It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s already managed to keep the family’s Inn barely in the black for the past seven years, after her good for nothing brother, Freddie took off with the Wayfair largesse to make it in Hollywood! Well, now after falling flat on his face, Freddie’s back and mom and dad expect Linnie to forgive and forget, while giving the Inn and town the TLC it needs. Then of course, there are the loveable, busy-body Sweet Lake Sirens, who believe a lady can’t be all work and no play, so they’re pushing for Linnie to open not only the inn, but her heart. At the same time, her BFFs, Jada and Cat, who should be helping her deal with everything else are lobbying for her to reignite a romance with Daniel Kettering – a very sexy lawyer who wants nothing more than to swoop in and save Linnie by making her his Mrs., something he’s wanted for years. Well, her head is about to explode …

And that might just be a good thing, because something totally unexpected happens that opens old wounds pushing Linnie closer to the edge of sanity, but then again, it just might be a blessing in disguise. It’s something she’s really wanted all along and if she’d stopped long enough she may have realized sooner.

While reading SWEET LAKE I was reminded of THE YA YA SISTERHOOD … SWEET LAKE is a Midwest take on the southern bestseller. It’s a funny,  feel good-novel filled with quirky, eccentric women and delightful stories. You just can’t wait to read what happens next.



Christine’s the middle child of six kids raised in Cleveland, Ohio during the psychedelic 60s. Her late mother swore she taught herself to read at the age of two. While this claim stands unsubstantiated, she says she spent most of her childhood toting a book in one hand, and pen and paper in the other. She’s been writing ever since.

In 2004, she made the decision to start writing fiction full-time. The five books in the award-winning Liberty Series have all reached bestseller status, and are “highly recommended” by The Midwest Book Review. She’s also begun releasing the Heavenscribe series, and have several other works as well.

She believes all the years of hard work have paid off in the daily sweet notes, comments and reviews she receives from readers. You can connect with Christine on Facebook, her website   http://www.christinenolfi.com   and twitter @christinenolfi


Thanks to @BookSparks and Lake Union Publishing we have TWO COPIES of SWEET LAKE to giveaway. Just tell us about what you love best to do with your girlfriends. We’ll announce winners Monday.

And we’ll be looking forward to book two in Christine’s, “Sweet Lake Series” coming up in July. Can’t wait to catch up with the girls!




25 thoughts on “SWEET LAKE by Christine Nolfi & GIVEAWAY

  1. I don’t really have a group of girlfriends to hang with but my mom and I love to just sit and chat. We also love to read and eat and play with my kids.

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  2. I meet with five girlfriends every Friday morning at a neighborhood cafe for coffee, breakfast and lots of conversation. We sometimes meet for happy hour as well and have gone on a girls’ trip to a cabin in the mountains a couple of times. I have two other girlfriends that like to get together every so often for breakfast or lunch or a movie. Those two are my “movie” friends! I don’t know what I’d do without my girlfriends. They mean the world to me!

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  3. I love to have coffee or a glass of wine with my girlfriends, and I LOVE the book club I have with some of my favorite friends!

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  4. I love to laugh and forget about the stresses of life for awhile, whether it be at each other’s houses, out to lunch someplace, or even on the phone. Being able to smile with friends, in a not always “smiley” world, tends to put me more at ease. Knowing someone is there rooting for me in the end is what makes my life and easier and happier!

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  5. I love to sit out on the patio early in morn with a cup of coffee and read. I wish I had friends that lived close so we could discuss books.

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  6. I really dont have a lot of girlfriends that I hang out with. What I like to do is read a good book sitting on the beach or by the pool. I love that this is a series book.

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  7. When I do hang out with friends and/or family , we usually talk about food and books. I like going out for lunch at an uncrowded cafe or bistro and just have fun chatting.

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  8. My best friend lives in South Carolina, we have been a major part of each other lives for the past 3 yrs. We are hoping to meet and go to her aunt’s timeshare condo at Hilton Head. We plan on having good food, beach time, and invite some of our mutual “pain” friends for some time by the shore. We all suffer from Chronic Migraine syndrome so we all know what the other could, can, or would be able to do.

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  9. I love to sit on the patio early in the morn, sip coffee, listen to birds and read. Do wish I have a friend that loves books like I do sonwe xould discuss them.

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  10. My girlfriends and I love go to wine tastings. We go to local wineries and end up buying our favorite wine. We set amongst the grapevines and discuss the books we have read and movies we have seen.

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  11. I honestly don’t have a group of girlfriends or even sisters to hang out with. And my mother doesn’t like to do anything with me. My husband is the one I hang out with and our favorite activity is going out to eat. My girlfriends are the online type. But the majority of us are readers, so I imagine if we were to get together, a trip to the book store and a coffee shop afterwards would be what we would enjoy doing together.

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