ECHOES OF FAMILY by Barbara Claypole White & Giveaway


17 thoughts on “ECHOES OF FAMILY by Barbara Claypole White & Giveaway

  1. I also read Dariness Visible the most honest open book about mental illness.I would highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to know what living with mental illness is like,

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  2. The hard thing about dealing with mental illness in the family is knowing what to say or not saying. You are always afraid of being blamed for setting them off again. As time goes by and you see no good results, I am baffled as what to say or do. Perhaps this book can help me deal with it better.

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  3. I have family members with schizophrenia, my ex-husband was bipolar with ODD and OCD, I have a number of friends with depression/or bipolar, I suffer from Seasonal Depression, PTSD, and major depression. Some of my friends have been suicidal with a few succeeding at it. Many times people feel they are all alone when in all honesty their friends and family are all affected.

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  4. Mental illness is very difficult to treat and to deal with. I knew family members whose lives were affected and could barely function.

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  5. Thank you, so much, for this incredible review. Yes, this is my passion–chipping away at the stereotypes of mental illness.The two people I love most in the world battle OCD, my father battled depression, my aunt was schizophrenic, I have a family member with bipolar disorder, and on it goes. Like Marianne, my heroine, I want to make noise and be heard. Want to do my bit to end the stigma and shame. And, on some level, my fiction is about trying to write a better story for me–reminding myself that bad days end. I’ve been to hell and back with my child, more than once…and yet we’re both still around: laughing, swearing, crying. Sometimes just huddled in hope. I have to write about finding that hope because I would be a nutjob if I couldn’t.

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    1. Thank you for your lovely share, Barbara. I think the reason why many of us are still alive and keep going on, is because of that HOPE you speak of. It’s a miraculous gift that’s availed to us. …inches and seconds…

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  6. We have a daughter with bipolar disorder and as a growing child it was so difficult to make her understand the need for medication, caring for herself and her health, and loving her unconditionally. I am happy to say landing a job in a mental health clinic where doctors and others were around her each day was the best thing that ever happened to her. Her eyes were opened when she began seeing others coming in for help for the same problems she was having. Today she is in relationship with someone who cares for her and they seem to be happy, and she’s working in a solid job setting.

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  7. I loved The Perfect Son and I am looking forward to reading Echos of Family. My son had a period of depression. He went to outpatient therapy and we had family therapy as it affects the entire family.

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  8. For me, one of the most challenging things of living with someone with mental illness (in my case, depression) is the slow progression, which allows its manifestation to slowly pull you off your own rails. You forget, for instance, what laughter sounds like, or the important role it plays in our lives. I love the way Barbara illuminates the challenges of family life in the presence of these sometimes hidden disorders.

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  9. My 14 yr old daughter tried to kill herself last year. It was a shock to everyone. I couldn’t believe all the hoops and obstacles we had to go through to get her the treatment she needed! I really feel our story should be shared to help others. That is on my to do list!

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  10. I think my own experience with postpartum depression has been my closest knowledge with mental illness. It took quite awhile, but eventually we got into a good mama and baby groove. After lots of talking and asking for help!

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