IN THE GAME by Peggy Garrity & Giveaway



SheWritesPress, a division of SparkPointStudio has released a series of memoirs for fall 2016 featuring some intriguing women that chances are, you haven’t heard about. IN THE GAME: The Highs and Lows of a Trailblazing Trial Lawyer (SheWritesPress) by Peggy Garrity is the first in our series.

Peggy Garrity grew up a nice Irish Catholic girl, attending Catholic school and Mass everyday in a small Wisconsin town. Initially convent-bound, she was determined to escape a life popping out babies like her mother. In the mid-1970’s, she pioneered two activities that weren’t lifestyles for many woman; becoming a professional as well, as a working single mom.

She was a high-profile Los Angeles trial lawyer, in a male dominated profession, representing David versus Goliath cases, risking it all in the process, while putting food on the table and keeping a roof over the heads of her four kids – by herself. Courtroom dramas featured would-be presidential assassin Sara Jane Moore, celebrities Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Cheryl Tiegs and some of Los Angeles s most notorious murder cases.

This book is an easy read. The pace is fast, the narrative tight and the information “juicy.” You can feel Peggy dismantling each new wall she comes up against; nothing and no one is going to stop her. The discrimination, chauvinism and sexism shown to Peggy by her male colleagues had me throwing the book at the wall a few times. But we’ve changed a bit, or have we? Hello, Roger Ailes, FOX and our Presidential campaign! And I’m sure a few of you readers have your own stories, right?

“For a fleeting moment I recalled the fear I felt because of the creepy priests who preyed upon me as a young girl. Then, just as quickly, that fear and shame dissolved. My life was now, finally my own, and I embraced it, all of it, as part of my life’s journey.”

Thank you Peggy Garrity for sharing your story of how you became the woman you are today and setting an example of strength for others to follow.

We’re lucky to have one copy of IN THE GAME to giveaway. Just tell us about a situation you’ve had to stand up to in the workplace. We’ll announce a winner Saturday. Good luck.

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3 thoughts on “IN THE GAME by Peggy Garrity & Giveaway

  1. Cindy! Happy to see you reviewing the memoirs from She Writes Press, I love BookSparks and all their books!!

    At my very last job I worked for a tiny, family owned company. The owner was not nice to his employees and would rather spend money on his boats and $500 meals than give a $1 raise to any of us. And I saw all of the money aspects as I was the one woman accounting department. I had asked for a raise and was denied.

    The denial really stuck with me in a bad way. One day, the owner brought his dog in and he let him run around. The dog pooped in my office. The owner had the nerve to ask me to clean it up. I politely said no and quit on the spot! I’ve never had such pleasure as telling that jerk no and quitting!! Lol, I would work hard in my jobs and put up with a lot of “crap,” but not that kind of crap!

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  2. I worked in a card/gift shop that sold girlie magazines when I was 18. There was a male supervisor who always talked about them to me..because the 2 million other things in the store must not have interested him. I finally told him he was a pervert and to not talk to me unless it had to do with something valid about my job. I only stayed a few more weeks there because the tension was horrible. I still feel sick when I think of his face!

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  3. Working for an autocrat when I was younger was one of my worst jobs. He would bellow, insult and demean employees as well as embarrass me many times. I could not take it so I left. The pay was poor, the conditions unpleasant and i wonder how anyone could stay any length of time. I have had many bad experiences with horrible bosses who thought that they were royalty.


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