The last few weeks of summer have been a lot of fun. We’ve had lots of reviews, giveaways and feedback from you, our wonderful blog followers! Well, now we have 4 special winners to announce on this Labor Day Holiday. FYI: September, we plan on having a record number of giveaways to giveaway … if that makes sense! So, keep checking back here at Thoughts on This ‘n That for more chances to win.



Kelley B. wins THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST. Kelley writes the book that matters most to her, is THE BOOK THAT MATTERS MOST by Ann Hood.

Bridget O. wins THE HATING GAME. Bridget writes the worst work experience she’s experienced was that a co-worker regularly called in sick and expected her to do the extra work.


Tamara L. wins THE WHISKEY SEA. Tamara writes she’s going read by the pool with her kids this Labor Day weekend, and she hopes her college kids make it home.



Savana C. wins TRIPLE LOVE SCORE. Savana writes her favorite board game is “Sorry.”


We want to wish you a wonderful and safe Holiday weekend. Thank you to our blog followers, authors and publicists. We couldn’t do Thoughts on This ‘n That without all of YOU!

xxx cindy

FYI: Starting tomorrow, we’re reviewing and giving away Kaira Rouda’s novel, THE GOODBYE YEAR, Mhairi McFarlane’s, WHO’S THAT GIRL, Alex Rosenberg’s, AUTUMN IN OXFORD and Louise Penny’s, A GREAT RECKONING!  Ooooooh what fun!

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6 thoughts on “*** LABOR DAY WINNERS *** LABOR DAY WINNERS ***

  1. Happy Labor Day, Cindy and everyone! And CONGRATS to the winners! I hope everyone has as much time today to read as they want! That’s my plan!

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