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I was fortunate to meet some of the most wonderful novelists at BEA in Chicago this past May, including Kerry Lonsdale, author of EVERYTHING WE KEEP (LakeUnionPublishing). I was also lucky to get in front of the line. I grabbed some lunch and just sat down behind her sign. Let me tell you, there were hundreds of people in line behind me, when she appeared. The best part? It was worth it for everyone. Kerry’s debut novel, EVERYTHING WE KEEP delivers!

Imagine, attending a funeral on the same day, at the same church that you should be getting married at, to the same person you’re there to bury? Yes, feel free to take a moment to digest.

Welcome to sous chef, Aimee Tierney’s nightmare. She’s about to marry her childhood sweetheart, start a family and buy-out her family’s restaurant. She hopes to become a chef and her husband, James’ career as a painter is supposed to flourish. But that’s not what happens. James goes on a business trip to Mexico just before the wedding, ends up missing in the ocean, along with her hopes and dreams.

I really liked Aimee and could feel her pain, anger and the sense of self-destructiveness when the accident first happened. Grief is so individual and Kerry was able to explain that well through the character.

The plot unfolds when Aimee begins to question whether or not James is really dead. Family and most of her friends believe she is suffering from some sort of PTSD. But there just seem to be too many coincidences for Aimee’s “woman’s intuition,” which I’ve found is 99.9% accurate, to overlook.

As a reader and reviewer, I believe this novel should be marketed as a mystery. It’s really not exclusively chick-lit and that limits its audience appeal. I’m thrilled to say, I never saw the ending coming and that’s rare.

One hiccup for me: I didn’t understand the relevancy of the “whole Uncle Phil thing.” Perhaps I missed something.

For all things KERRY, check her out on Facebook, twitter @kerrylonsdale or on her website  www.kerrylonsdale.com   Make sure to go to her website and take a peak at her “beach reads and cocktails” page. She reviews some really neat novels and then pairs them up with delicious drinks. In fact, be sure to have a nice mojito or frozen margarita when you start Kerry’s novel, EVERYTHING WE KEEP. You’re going to love it!

EVERYTHING WE KEEP will be published Monday, August 1st.


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