LITTLE IS LEFT TO TELL by Steven Hendricks & Giveaway


Steven Hendricks uses magical realism and the whimsical mood of fairy tales to his debut novel, LITTLE IS LEFT TO TELL (Starcherone). At the heart of the story is an old man named Mr Fin, who is suffering from dementia. I was immediately drawn into the narrative and I believe others will be too, since many of us have relatives who are suffering from either one or both of the horrific, incurable diseases of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Fin daydreams in the park and putters around an old boat. His neighbor, Viv looks in on him, but mostly Fin is in his head. We the readers are introduced to a rich menagerie of characters and animals inside his mind, including Mrs Rabbit and her bunnies, the writer, Virginia the Wolf. “Fin’s tales are randomly copied from the writings of Cervantes, Hemingway and Virginia Woolf, sometimes (admittedly) lifted freely its inspirations sans quotation or citation.”

It’s twenty-years after wishing for his long-lost son, David, that Mr Fin is given a moment of lucidity and discovers David is dead. We readers assume he committed suicide.

LITTLE IS LEFT TO TELL is not an easy read. There were several times I was lost and had to go back and reread sections. I believe it would be helpful for any reader to have an expanded imagination and ability to follow non-sensible narratives.

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Steven HendricksAbout Steven Hendricks

Steven Hendricks lives in Olympia, Wa. with his wife and two children. He teaches writing and book arts at The Evergreen State College. His work has appeared in The Denver Quarterly (2000), Conjunctions (2001), Fold: The Reader ( 2002), and The Encyclopedia Project Vol. 3 (Sidebrow, forthcoming). He earned his MFA in Writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. Little is Left to Tell is his first novel.

Visit Steven at his website.

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