There’s lots of buzz, buzzing around Helen Ellis’ story collection, AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE: Stories (Random House). The cover is fantabulous – come on, a woman wearing only her underwear, in curlers filing her nails on a toilet. The twelve quirky stories inside are written for a specific kind of reader who appreciates women with attitude and satire served oozing with a dark twist. Count me in! I finished this collection in one sitting and know you will, too. In her stories, Helen takes readers through the average day of the average American housewife, or what Helen conceptualizes that to actually be. Yes, we’re on a first name basis. After finishing AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, I just felt like Helen and I have become gal pals.

“What I do all day  … I go to the grocery store and find that everyone else has gone to the grocery store and, as I maneuver my cart through Chips and Nuts traffic, I get grocery aisle rage. I see a lost child and assume it’s an angry ghost. Fearing cold and flu season, I fist-bump the credit card signature pad.”

The Wainscoting War takes us into the middle of an email war between two neighbors fighting over their common hallway.

“Regarding your vandalism, I expect you to hire a professional contractor to repair the damage done to my wallpaper within the week. When I am satisfied that it has been restored to its original pristine condition, I will return your doorknob and number.”

Every lady need the right fit, and to achieve that, they must find the right Fitter.

“A good bra is fine, but a great bra is life changing … a tiara for your ta-tas …”

And book club? Who doesn’t hide in, I mean belong to a book club?

“And here’s what nobody tells you: losing a child isn’t the end of the world. Life goes on – and more often than not, goes on quite nicely. Just look at Jane with here feet here up on my coffee table. Have you seen a woman look more relaxed? Delores, would you refill Jane’s Scotch and soda, please and thank you?”

Immediately after finishing AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE, I ordered Ellis’ novel EATING THE CHESHIRE CAT. All of her other writing you can find on, on-line journals. You may be interested in knowing Helen Ellis is a shrewd poker player who plays high-stakes poker, including the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. So don’t be fooled by that sweet Alabama smile and those sparkling blue eyes; underneath lurks a woman who regularly swims with the sharks!

You can contact her on twitter @Helen_Ellis



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4 thoughts on “AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE: STORIES by Helen Ellis

  1. I’ve been in the hold queue at the library for American Housewife for what seems like forever. There are still two ahead of me; I might get to read it some time this year. lol I’m happy to see it worked for you, since there have been a lot of hits and misses in this one. I’ll keep waiting patiently in the queue.

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