I worked in television for many years, I love it and watch … a lot of it. So once in a while I’m going to share my thoughts about shows. Here’s my first TV TALK post!

AMERICAN CRIME, Season Two kicked off last night on ABC-TV with another “Holy Moly” compelling storyline from Oscar Winning Writer/Director/Producer, John Ridley and starring much of the same Emmy-Award Winning cast from Season One. Yes, it was bleak, but it was brilliant real life drama, not hyped up crap that we more often see on Network television. The fact that JOHN RIDLEY has even considered bringing his talents to Network television is such a gift for us, the viewers – but those damn commercials!

Wednesdays @ 10pm on ABC.

Feel free to share your comments about your favorite and not so favorite shows!








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One thought on “TV TALK ** TV TALK ** TV TALK

  1. I watch so few shows and I’ve been in a TV funk recently as none of my shows have had new episodes recently. I am still going through PARENTHOOD withdrawal. I’m waiting for Mindy Project and Jane the Virgin to come back. Younger comes back next week. Also excited about Kimmy Schmidt, Orphan Black, and OITNB coming later on. I love Modern Family and am trying to catch up on Big Bang and start watching more of The Goldbergs.


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